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Speed up WordPress when you have a lot of terms

The autosuggest procedure can slow down your WordPress wp-admin interface quite a lot when you have a huge amount of terms. Sometimes it’s useful to just disable this feature to make wp-admin more responsive. You can do this by adding the following to your functions.php file

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WordPress Importer with remote lookup for assets.

Due to the lack of remote connectivity I did a small patch to the WordPress importer (v 0.61) that allows us to place the files locally and bypass the remote fetch the importer would usually attempt. As I ran into this problem very frequently I think that might be useful for others as well. In […]

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Cache posts in category/tag/taxonomy for better performing content blocks

If you ever needed to grab a bunch of posts from different categories or taxonomies into your theme to fill certain layout blocks with their respective content you’d likely ended up doing a bunch of WP_Query calls with the desired parameters. That’s all nice and works ok, but it causes some additional database queries for […]

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Filter arrays of data by any field in the array/objects

I frequently need to grab a subset of data from an array. I just stumbled over the FilterIterator which provides a nice interface to do just this. Based on this class here is a implementation which lets you perform basic filtering. Here is an example: And here is the class that makes it happen.

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Minimalistic progress bar for CLI based PHP scripts

I’m doing some CLI scripting here and there and as I’m still on the way to implement it the right way using a framework like wpcli, wpshell or the like for my scripts I sometimes like to put a little progress bar in my scripts to see how things are going and how much longer […]

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