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  • WP Briefing: Episode 44: Minors, Majors, and Why We Have So Many Releases November 28, 2022 12:00 pm
    Hear Josepha Haden Chomphosy highlight the role of manor and minor releases in the WordPress open source project in this episode.
    Santana Inniss
  • The Month in WordPress – October 2022 November 22, 2022 11:00 am
    With the end of the year fast approaching, the WordPress project has not slowed down. Read on to learn more about the latest major release, WordPress 6.1, and the State of the Word 2022 live event, among other exciting news.
  • State of the Word 2022 November 21, 2022 5:14 pm
    Join the WordPress project leaders for State of the Word 2022 in New York City on December 15, 2022. Also live-streamed on social media, you will hear about the WordPress project, open source, and more in this annual event.
  • WordPress 6.1.1 Maintenance Release November 15, 2022 7:51 pm
    WordPress 6.1.1 is now available for download. This maintenance release features several updates since the release of WordPress 6.1 on 01 November 2022. You can review a summary of the key changes in this release by visiting
  • WP Briefing: Episode 43: Openverse & Photo Directory– What Are They, and How Are They Different? November 14, 2022 12:00 pm
    Join Josepha as she explores the differences between Openverse & Photo Directory, two resources for openly licensed media in the WordPress project.
    Santana Inniss
  • Introducing Twenty Twenty-Three November 8, 2022 3:42 pm
    This post was written in collaboration with Lauren Stein (@laurlittle) and Anne McCarthy @annezazu). Twenty Twenty-Three is here, alongside WordPress 6.1! The new default theme offers a clean, blank canvas bundled with a collection of style variations. Style variations are predefined design options that give you the opportunity to alter the appearance of your site […]
    Beatriz Fialho
  • WordPress 6.1 “Misha” November 1, 2022 6:38 pm
    Say hello to “Misha,” the WordPress 6.1 release, inspired by Mikhail “Misha” Alperin acclaimed jazz ensemblist and composer. At least 800 contributors made this release possible. Download 6.1 today.
    Matt Mullenweg
  • People of WordPress: Raghavendra Satish Peri October 31, 2022 7:00 pm
    The latest People of WordPress story features Raghavendra Satish Peri, a digital entrepreneur in web accessibility and digital marketing.
    Meher Bala
  • WP Briefing: Episode 42: Something Spooky This Way Comes October 31, 2022 12:00 pm
    Tis the season for spooky fun. Hear Josepha Haden Chomphosy read a Halloween-themed WordPress Mad Lib on the episode of the WP Briefing.
    Santana Inniss
  • WordPress 6.1 Release Candidate 3 (RC3) Now Available October 25, 2022 8:29 pm
    WordPress 6.1 Release Candidate 3 is now available for testing! You can download and help test RC3 in three ways. 6.1 is planned for general release on November 01, 2022. This version of the WordPress software is under development. Please do not install, run, or test this version of WordPress on production or mission-critical websites. Instead, it is recommended that you test Release Candidate 3 on a test server and site.
    Jonathan Pantani News

WordPress for iOS

  • WordPress for iOS: Version 6.4 August 26, 2016 12:27 pm
    Hi there, WordPress users! Version 6.4 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. What’s New: iPad Keyboard Shortcuts. Press down the command key on your... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.7 August 26, 2016 11:33 am
    Hello WordPress users! Version 5.7 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. New “Plans” section in My Site... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.6 July 27, 2016 6:51 am
    Hello WordPress users! Version 5.6 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Related Posts in the Reader Discover... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for iOS: Version 6.3 July 16, 2016 9:12 pm
    Hi there, WordPress users! Version 6.3 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. What’s New: Access your site’s media library — even if WordPress... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.5 June 28, 2016 2:54 pm
    Visual Editor We’ve worked hard to bring a new editor to the app — it’s a complete rewrite designed to bring you a much smoother... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.4 June 1, 2016 11:53 am
    Hello WordPress users! Version 5.4 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Gravatar update Did you just take a great selfie?... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for iOS: Version 6.2 May 25, 2016 6:05 am
    Hi there, WordPress users! Version 6.2 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. What’s New: Sharing just got easier! Post content from apps to... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.3 May 5, 2016 8:57 am
    Hello WordPress users! Version 5.3 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Account Settings and App Settings We split the old... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for iOS: Version 6.1 April 25, 2016 1:30 pm
    Hi there, WordPress users! Version 6.1 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. What’s New: Get social on the go! and Jetpack-enabled bloggers... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for iOS: Call for beta testers April 21, 2016 12:35 pm
    Hello, WordPress users! We are launching a shiny, new TestFlight beta testing program for WordPress for iOS. If you yearn for the latest features, enjoy... Continue reading →

WordPress for Blackberry

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  • BuddyPress 11.0.0-beta2 November 25, 2022 10:28 pm
    Hello BuddyPress contributors! If you haven’t tested our first 11.0.0 beta release, here’s another opportunity to help us give the final touches to our next major release so that we make sure it will fit perfectly into your WordPress / BuddyPress specific configuration. Beta testing is very important and we need you all, whether you’re a […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • BuddyPress 11.0.0-beta1 November 8, 2022 8:30 pm
    BuddyPress 11.0.0-beta1 is available for testing! Please note the plugin is still in development, so we recommend running this beta release on a testing site. You can test BuddyPress 11.0.0-beta1 in 4 ways : The current target for final release is December 14, 2022. We would greatly appreciate your help making sure this next major […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • BuddyPress 10.6.0 Maintenance Release October 31, 2022 5:23 pm
    BuddyPress 10.6.0 is a new maintenance release fixing 1 ugly bug with themes using block templates although there are not Block Based themes. For details on the change, please read the 10.6.0 release notes. Many thanks to the users who quickly reported this issue into our previous maintenance release forum topic. Update to BuddyPress 10.6.0 today […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • BP Rewrites 1.4.0 Maintenance Release October 29, 2022 9:54 am
    Immediately available is BP Rewrites 1.4.0. This maintenance release fixes two bugs. For details on the changes, please read the 1.4.0 release notes. Update to BP Rewrites 1.4.0 today in your WordPress Dashboard, or by downloading from the plugin repository. Oh wait, what is the goal of this BuddyPress Add-on? If you’re wondering, with BP Rewrites activated, […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • BuddyPress 10.5.0 Maintenance Release October 27, 2022 7:11 pm
    Immediately available is BuddyPress 10.5.0. This maintenance release fixes five bugs and makes sure BuddyPress is ready for WordPress 6.1 latest improvements about Block-Template themes. Just like we’ve done testing BuddyPress into WP 6.1 RC4, we strongly encourage all Plugin developers to do the same and update their “Tested up to: 6.1” plugin main files header. […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • Let’s talk about us, BuddyPress! September 27, 2022 7:52 pm
    First, the facts. After reaching a result of ~245k WordPress sites using actively BuddyPress at the end of 2019, the “active installations” statistic (the one which is displayed in the sidebar of our plugin’s page on the official WordPress Plugin Directory), has been decreasing progressively and recently fell just below 200k. As the Plugin directory […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • BuddyPress 10.4.0 Maintenance Release August 17, 2022 9:35 pm
    Immediately available is BuddyPress 10.4.0. This maintenance release fixes three bugs. One of them was a pretty annoying regression from the 10.0.0 release that allowed non-members of a group to view and access a group’s invites navigation. Even though these non-members couldn’t actually use the invite functionality 😅, we chose to avoid waiting too long before […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • BP Rewrites 1.3.0 maintenance release June 25, 2022 8:51 am
    Immediately available is BP Rewrites 1.3.0. This maintenance release fixes two bugs and brings BP Rewrites compatibility to bbPress. For details on the changes, please read the 1.3.0 release notes. Update to BP Rewrites 1.3.0 today in your WordPress Dashboard, or by downloading from the plugin repository. Many thanks to 1.3.0 contributors  shawfactor & imath.
    Mathieu Viet
  • BP Rewrites 1.2.0 maintenance release May 28, 2022 5:33 am
    Immediately available is BP Rewrites 1.2.0. This maintenance release fixes two bugs. For details on the changes, please read the 1.2.0 release notes. Update to BP Rewrites 1.2.0 today in your WordPress Dashboard, or by downloading from the plugin repository. Many thanks to 1.2.0 contributors  shawfactor & imath.
    Mathieu Viet
  • BuddyPress 10.3.0 Maintenance Release May 19, 2022 5:00 am
    Immediately available is BuddyPress 10.3.0. This maintenance release fixes seven bugs, mainly BP Nouveau improvements. It also makes sure BuddyPress is ready for the upcoming WordPress 6.0 release. For details on the changes, please read the 10.3.0 release notes. Update to BuddyPress 10.3.0 today in your WordPress Dashboard, or by downloading it from the plugin repository. Many […]
    Mathieu Viet


  • bbPress 2.6.9 is out! November 29, 2021 5:50 pm
    bbPress 2.6.9 is a minor release that improves the Akismet clean-up routines introduced in the 2.6.7 release. If you are using Akismet with bbPress and saw some debug notices in your logs, this release is for you! Thank you to our friends over at Automattic’s Akismet team for helping! 💚
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.8 released November 19, 2021 4:37 pm
    bbPress 2.6.8 is a minor release that fixes 1 regression in the 2.6.7 release. 😬 Thank you to everyone who provided prompt feedback in the support forums. Because of you, we were able to react quickly and repackage this release right away. 🎉
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.7 is out! November 17, 2021 9:35 pm
    bbPress 2.6.7 is a minor release that fixes 19 issues. For everyone running bbPress 2.6, feel free to update at your earliest convenience. 🍯 This release improves Akismet and BuddyPress support, allows Moderators to reply to unapproved Topics, and fixes a user-interface issue with the hierarchical replies feature, just to highlight a few notable changes. […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.6 November 6, 2020 2:35 am
    bbPress 2.6.6 is a minor release that fixes 22 issues. For all y’all running bbPress 2.6, you are welcome to update at your earliest convenience. 🐝 This release fixes a few PHP warnings & notices, some output formatting bugs, and improves a few different moderator experiences, just to name a few of my favorite changes. […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.5 is out! May 28, 2020 5:36 pm
    bbPress 2.6.5 is a security release, and fixes 8 total issues reported either via Trac or HackerOne. For anyone running bbPress 2.6, please update to this version immediately. Special thanks to the following folks for improving the security of bbPress: Raphael Karger for disclosing an unauthenticated privilege escalation when New User Registration is enabled hoangkien1020 […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.4 is out! January 30, 2020 1:03 pm
    bbPress 2.6.4 is a security release, and fixes 8 total issues reported by our amazing, patient, and vigilant community members: Fixes an obscure security issue with BuddyPress Group Forums, allowing Group Members to save Topics to invalid Forum IDs Fixes performance degradation for 2.5 database schemas Fixes a few typos Fixes some debug notices Fixes […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.3 is out! December 10, 2019 8:52 pm
    bbPress 2.6.3 fixes 9 issues reported by community members: Fixes a few typos and grammatical errors Bumps required WordPress versions to 5.3.0 (bbPress always only officially supports the latest WordPress version) Fixes the Forums widget displaying in the wrong order Fixes a JavaScript error with hierarchical replies We’re continuing to work on improving bbPress 2.6 […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.2 is out! November 22, 2019 6:24 pm
    bbPress 2.6.2 fixes 5 more small bugs that were reported by community members in our support forums: Hierarchical replies in threaded discussion topics were broken for sites that were enabling the visual editor, so we unbroke it. Sites with custom bbpress.css files were not having their custom styling applied in some cases. We fixed at […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.1 is out! November 14, 2019 11:48 pm
    It seems like only yesterday that 2.6.0 was released, and depending on where you live that might actually be true! 🗓 bbPress 2.6.1 fixes a few small (but very annoying bugs) that warranted some immediate attention: One was causing subforums not to be listed underneath their parents anymore. Another was causing styling issues for a […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6 – Better Great Than Never November 12, 2019 6:42 pm
    There’s no way for me to contain either my excitement or anxiety when I say that bbPress 2.6.0 is available now! 🎉 This version of bbPress has been in development for just a bit under 6 years (yikes!) over which 420 tickets were resolved via 1737 individual code commits. There are so many improvements that […]
    John James Jacoby

Publisher blog

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WordPress Development

  • Editor Chat Agenda: November 30, 2022 November 28, 2022 4:09 pm
    Facilitator and notetaker: @fabiankaegy This is the agenda for the weekly editor chat scheduled for Wednesday, November 30th 2022 at 15:00 CET. This meeting is held in the #core-editor channel in the Making WordPress Slack General Announcements and Links. Gutenberg 14.6.1 was released on Nov. 25Gutenberg Plugin 14.7 RC1 is to be released on Nov. 30, […]
    Fabian Kägy
  • Performance Chat Agenda: 29 November 2022 November 28, 2022 3:01 pm
    Here is the agenda for this week’s performance team meeting scheduled for . This meeting happens in the #core-performance channel. To join the meeting, you’ll need an account on the Make WordPress Slack. #agenda, #meeting, #performance, #performance-chat
    Bethany Chobanian Lang
  • Proposal: Amend the Inline Documentation Standards for multi-line comments November 24, 2022 11:21 pm
    This is a small proposal to amend the standards for multi-line comments. The current standards seem to require that multi-line comments have to be done like this: There is also a warning that they must not begin with /** as that is the DocBlock syntax, and may result in parsing errors. The proposal is to […]
    Andrew Ozz
  • Dev Chat summary: Wednesday, November 23, 2022 November 24, 2022 12:10 am
    Summary from the WordPress developers chat on Wednesday November 23, 2022
    David Potter
  • What’s new in Gutenberg 14.6? (23 November) November 23, 2022 7:53 pm
    “What’s new in Gutenberg…” posts (labeled with the #gutenberg-new tag) are posted following every Gutenberg release on a biweekly basis, discovering new features included in each release. As a reminder, here’s an overview of different ways to keep up with Gutenberg and the Full Site Editing project. Table of Contents Add a Variation Picker to the Group Block Placeholder When […]
    Fabian Kägy
  • Editor chat summary: 23 November 2022 November 23, 2022 2:56 pm
    This post summarises the weekly editor chat meeting (agenda here) held on in Slack. Moderated by @andraganescu. Announcements and Links Key project updates Task Coordination N/A Open Floor @andraganescu noticing that the meeting was the lowest engagement and participation ever recorded, confirming quite a long and steady trend of this meeting loosing its purpose, raised that we […]
    Andrei Draganescu
  • A Week in Core – November 21, 2022 November 23, 2022 9:19 am
    Welcome back to a new issue of Week in Core. Let’s take a look at what changed on Trac between November 14 and November 21, 2022. Ticket numbers are based on the Trac timeline for the period above. The following is a summary of commits, organized by component and/or focus. Code changes Administration Build/Test Tools Bundled Themes […]
    Jb Audras
  • Devchat agenda, November 23, 2022 November 23, 2022 4:55 am
    WordPress developer chat agenda for November 23, 2022. Meeting starts at 20:00 UTC
  • Final releases of WordPress 3.7 – 4.0 November 23, 2022 2:15 am
    As announced earlier this year, the security team will be dropping support for WordPress versions 3.7 – 4.0 as of December 1, 2022. The final releases for these versions of WordPress will take place on November 30, 2022 (the last day of support). The release party is scheduled to begin at . These release will […]
    Peter Wilson
  • X-post: DevHub getting a new look November 22, 2022 6:04 pm
    X-comment from Comment on DevHub getting a new look

Trac Timeline

  • Ticket #57175 (Twenty Twenty-Three: In "Blog (alternative)" template, make post ...) closed November 28, 2022 3:11 pm
    fixed: In 54887: Twenty Twenty-Three: In page template, make post titles links. In the "Blog (alternative)" page template, turn post titles into links. This is to better align with user expectations that individual post titles in a blog-like list of recent posts will be links to the corresponding blog posts. Props scruffian. Fixes #57175.
    Bernhard Reiter
  • Changeset [54887]: Twenty Twenty-Three: In page template, make post titles links. In the ... November 28, 2022 3:11 pm
    Twenty Twenty-Three: In page template, make post titles links. In the "Blog (alternative)" page template, turn post titles into links. This is to better align with user expectations that individual post titles in a blog-like list of recent posts will be links to the corresponding blog posts. Props scruffian. Fixes #57175.
    Bernhard Reiter
  • Ticket #57219 (Additional CSS not visible in editor on List block) created November 28, 2022 11:21 am
    List block doesn't have Additional CSS classes loaded in the Gutenberg editor. For test, I opened a post that has Additional classes on List, they are not visible in the editor. Then I just saved the post without making any change.The result: Before: <!-- wp:list {"className":"warnings-red spaced-half"} --> <ul class="warnings-red spaced-half"> After: <!-- wp:list --> <ul><!-- wp:list-item --> This means that after every old post update, we have to add back additional classes.
  • Ticket #57218 (undefined function trailingslashit() when .maintenance present - ...) created November 28, 2022 2:33 am
    This is the first core bug I've ever reported so apologies if I don't quite follow correct protocol. When if I am doing manual updates on any of the sites on my server, and place a .maintenance file in the site root, instead of getting the nice ‘under maintenance’ message they throw a 500 error like this… HP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function trailingslashit() in D:\HTTP\WP_Sites\Recipes\wp-includes\class-wp-textdomain-registry.php:103 Stack trace: #0 D:\HTTP\WP_Sites\Recipes\wp-includes\l10n.php(784): WP_Textdomain_Registry->set('default', 'en_AU', 'D:\\HTTP\\WP_Site...') #1 D:\HTTP\WP_Sites\Recipes\wp-includes\load.php(1401): load_textdomain('default', 'D:\\HTTP\\WP_Site...', 'en_AU') #2 D:\HTTP\WP_Sites\Recipes\wp-includes\load.php(278): wp_load_translations_early() #3 D:\HTTP\WP_Sites\Recipes\wp-settings.php(74): wp_maintenance() #4 D:\HTTP\WP_Sites\Recipes\wp-config.php(98): require_once('D:\\HTTP\\WP_Site...') #5 D:\HTTP\WP_Sites\Recipes\wp-load.php(50): require_once('D:\\HTTP\\WP_Site...') #6 D:\HTTP\WP_Sites\Recipes\wp-blog-header.php(13): require_once('D:\\HTTP\\WP_Site...') #7 D:\HTTP\WP_Sites\Recipes\index.php(17): require('D:\\HTTP\\WP_Site...') #8 {main} NB my server is a Windows machine running PHP 7.4.19 and MySQL 5.7.21. I mention this as I believe it’s significant; the issue doesn’t occur if I put a .maintenance file onto one of the odd WP sites that I manage on a third party *nix server. My gut feel is that the way Windows uses \ in its path name rather than / in *nix is probably at the root of the issue. @harishanker on my original post in the support forum ​ suggests that the issue arises from changeset 54669 I'll be happy to test any fix on my server using an RC release.
  • Ticket #57217 (Remove WordPress 3.7 - 4.0 as supported versions of WordPress in ...) created November 28, 2022 2:18 am
    The file currently includes 3.7 and upwards as receiving security support. On November 30, 2022 versions WordPress 3.7 - 4.0 should be removed from this listing as that is the last day on which they are supported.
  • Ticket #57216 (Add new strings to about.php for use with end-of-life updates.) created November 28, 2022 2:11 am
    When releasing the final version of WordPress on a particular branch, two additional strings would be helpful for inclusion in the changelog. <?php // translators: the major version of WordPress for this branch. __( 'This is the final release of WordPress %s' ); // translators: the localized WordPress download URL. __( '; ); These could be helpful to be added outside of execution in the footer of src/wp-admin/about.php.
  • Ticket #57215 (No color option for selected text within a Paragraph block) created November 28, 2022 1:40 am
    My test account on (​ uses the Kubrick theme and no plugins except the defaults. If I select text within a Paragraph block, there is no color option in the More menu or on the right panel. NOTE: All of my privately-hosted WordPress sites have the issue.
  • Ticket #57214 (How to fix The Content Wider than Screen Error) closed November 27, 2022 2:00 pm
    invalid: Hello, @olastech and welcome to Core Trac! This is tool for WordPress Core development. Your description seems to be a support question, but this place is not for individual support. I close this as "invalid" because there is nothing we can help you with here, and suggest our Support Forums ​ with thousands of skilled users. It seems you are using the Astra theme, in that case, you may try Astra theme support forum ​ I case it should turn out to be a core, or default theme, bug behind this, please come back here and reopen this ticket. Best of luck!
  • Ticket #57214 (How to fix The Content Wider than Screen Error) created November 27, 2022 12:41 pm
    How to fix The Content Wider than Screen Text too small to read Clickable elements too close together on my WordPress blog [olastech](​
  • Ticket #57193 (White screen of death in theme editor when blank theme is activated.) closed November 27, 2022 11:25 am
    reported-upstream: Hi @lamarajan, theme.json is not mandatory for block themes. Per ​WP_Theme::is_block_theme(), the only requirements for a block theme are the existence of a templates/index.html, or for backward compatibility, block-templates/index.html. To clarify, templates/index.html is the recommended one. This is a regression introduced in 6.1.1. See ​GB 46073, which has a patch. As this has been reported and will be patched upstream in the Gutenberg repository, I'll close this ticket as reported-upstream. @mamaduka I can't see a milestone in the Gutenberg repo for 6.1.2. Would it be possible to ensure that ​GB 46073 gets assigned there when the milestone is available?

WP Recipes

WebLog Tools Collection

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WordPress TV

  • Customizing core blocks for clients November 27, 2022 5:07 pm
    Using core blocks in a custom site helps streamline development and keep the customer’s cost down, but it can also give clients too much ability to break a carefully crafted design. This lightning talk is for anyone developing WordPress sites for clients or WordPress themes for the public. Learn more about the various ways of customizing core Gutenberg blocks in order to keep a site’s administrators and content editors within the guard rails established by the designer.
  • Embracing minds of all kinds: making digital content usable for people with cognitive disabilities November 26, 2022 10:09 pm
    Learn more about design patterns that help to make digital work more accessible to people with cognitive disabilities. Cognitive disabilities are among the most prevalent types of disabilities, yet experts have struggled to provide web accessibility best practices due to cognitive disabilities being such a broad category. Fortunately, recent work by standards groups has begun to address this deficiency.Presentation Slides »
  • What is SEO? (Search Engine Optimization) November 26, 2022 2:35 am
    Search Engines play a big part in directing viewers towards websites. So much so that optimizing your site for search engines has become an important part of website creation. * So how exactly do search engines work? * You may have heard about SEO (search engine optimization), but why is it important? * What can one do to make sure their site is ready for search engines? These are some of the topics we’ll be looking at in this introductory workshop to SEO.Presentation Slides »
  • Best design practices to create engagement November 25, 2022 10:34 pm
    Learn how to make simple website improvements to get clients to stay and interact. Topics include keyword/image ratios, navigation, WordPress plugins, website performance, keeping content interesting, the value of simplicity, use of color, and call-to-action.
  • Let’s code: developing blocks without React! – Part 2 (take two) November 25, 2022 11:14 am
    In the previous session, we built a simple WordPress block using plain JavaScript. However, the block was static. A user couldn’t edit the content in any way. In this session, we add support for attributes, as well as implement the pre-existing RichText component. These changes enable a user to edit the content of the block.Presentation Slides »
  • Ecommerce en B2B: cómo hacer que el carrito sea un tráiler November 24, 2022 7:34 am
    Si cuando piensas en ecommerce solo te acuerdas de ropa, electrónica y chuminadas varias, te estás perdiendo casi toda la tarta. Fabricantes, distribuidores y mayoristas también están vendiendo online y el sector crece más rápido que tu lista de series pendientes. Tenemos 25 minutos de nada para ver: Por qué el B2B ecommerce está disparado A PESAR de todos los retos del B2B Qué oportunidades hay para desarrolladores, copywriters y marketeros en general Qué contenidos y piezas de copy nos ayudarán a vender por toneladasPresentation Slides »
  • Claves legales para evitar disgustos y mejorar las ventas en e-commerce November 24, 2022 7:30 am
    Analizaremos todos los elementos que generan certezas en los usuarios, incrementan la confianza, disipan la incertidumbre digital y como utilizarlos para mejorar las ventas online. Conoceremos los requisitos legales de un e-commerce y cómo, el tener un escudo legal a medida de nuestro e-commerce, evita reclamaciones, devoluciones, denuncias y daños reputacionales. Y por supuesto, mejoran las ventas. Contaré la historia de Marta y las 200 tazas que le enseñaron el alto precio de descuidar la legalidad en una tienda online.Presentation Slides »
  • A rookie’s reflection – it is never too late to learn! November 23, 2022 2:13 pm
    Two years ago, this spekaer had never heard of a WordCamp, Meetup, Wapuu, or GitHub. She was too intimidated to touch or edit a website, let alone explain digital accessibility. As many of her friends were retiring, hear how she started an unexpected, yet fulfilling new chapter which will hopefully inspire you.
  • Activa tu lado hacker y eleva tu productividad November 23, 2022 12:11 pm
    Atajos de teclado en Windows/Mac, clipboard manager, extensión de snippets, gestión de ventanas, capturas de pantalla, etc. Todo estaría mostrado desde Mac OS pero con alternativas y recomendaciones para Windows.Presentation Slides »
  • Si no etiquetas tu ecommerce estás haciendo el canelo November 23, 2022 12:07 pm
    Has montado tu WordPress, configurado WooCommerce tienes el almacén a tope de productos, haces una campaña de emailing, campañas con Google y Facebook Ads pero…. … las ventas no terminan de arrancar, no sabes la razón, no sabes si el tiempo, y el dinero es una inversión o un gasto ni como optimizarlo, no tienes ni idea de lo que pasa en tu tienda, no has etiquetado tu ecommerce…Presentation Slides »
  • ¿Por qué los miniobjetivos son tanto o más importantes que la venta final? November 23, 2022 12:01 pm
    Cuando tenemos un ecommerce nuestro primer objetivo es la facturación, el vender más día a día y en los carritos abandonados. Quizás nos olvidamos que algunas de esas ventas son solo puntuales o que estos carritos son porque no hemos prestado atención que también pueden existir otros miniobjetivos que creen relaciones y así conseguir ventas recurrentes o incluso embajadores de marca.Presentation Slides »
  • Streamline your block theme development with the Create Block theme November 23, 2022 11:52 am
    Learn how to use the Create BLock Theme plugin to streamline your block theme development processes.Presentation Slides »
  • Demystifying Gutenberg November 23, 2022 5:30 am
    In this session we will discuss the beta Gutenberg plugin, it's role as WordPress’s “block editor”, and its project that follows a four-phase process that will touch major pieces of WordPress — Editing, Customization, Collaboration, and Multilingual. Following the introduction of post block editing in December 2018, Gutenberg later introduced full site editing (FSE) in 2021, which shipped with WordPress 5.9 in early 2022. We will also use a local WordPress environment to explore some of the beta capabilities only accessible once the Gutenberg plugin is installed. Target Audience Folks who manage their WordPress sites and are comfortable with the installation, management and use of plugins.Presentation Slides »
  • Buenas prácticas para la accesibilidad en tiendas online con WordPress November 23, 2022 1:08 am
    En esta charla, voy a explicaros algunos consejos, que podáis dar en vuestra tienda online, que tenéis con WordPress. Y estos consejos, pueden hacer que vuestra tienda online, sea mucho más accesible para todo tipo de personas, y de usuarios, que navegan vuestra tienda online.Presentation Slides »
  • Pasos para internacionalizar con WooCommerce November 23, 2022 1:06 am
    ¿Cuántas tiendas online conocemos que solo venden en su país de origen? ¿El objetivo de una tienda online no era vender a cualquier parte del mundo?¿No quieren aumentar su facturación? En esta charla vamos a ver de forma sencilla todos los pasos necesarios para tener nuestra tienda en multiidioma. Desde hacer el cambio en WooCommerce (plugins, ajustes, errores…) a todo el ajuste posterior que tenemos que hacer para darnos a conocer(contenido de la web, SEO, Ads, redes sociales…).Presentation Slides »
  • Los 4 Fantásticos: 4 plugins imprescindibles para WooCommerce November 23, 2022 1:04 am
    En esta pequeña charla hablaremos, de entre todo el ecosistema de plugins que nos ofrece WooCommerce, de los 4 plugins imprescindibles que debemos de instalar para obtener la mejor experiencia y sacar el máximo partido a nuestro comercio electrónico. Este top 4 de plugins incluirá herramientas que nos permitan aumentar nuestras ventas y ofrecer una mejor experiencia a nuestros clientes.Presentation Slides »
  • Cómo gestionar un proyecto en línea November 23, 2022 1:02 am
    ¿Cuántas veces nos hemos sentido presionados a la hora de entregar tareas y proyectos en comercio electrónico o entorno digital? La presión puede ser grande, al igual que lo pueden ser los obstáculos que nos encontramos en el camino. Estos obstáculos incluyen nuestra propia percepción de dichos obstáculos y habilidad para entregar. Además, se añade la complejidad de las diferentes disciplinas dentro de marketing. Sólo el SEO ya es de por sí una disciplina compleja que incluye otras áreas también en constante evolución. Saber cómo darle forma a un proyecto puede ser muy útil a la hora de quitarnos la ansiedad que puede suponer realizar un proyecto y, casi lo más importante, ayudar a que todas las personas (y departamentos), implicadas no tengan ninguna duda. Esta charla va más allá del uso de herramientas de productividad: es sobre una manera de ayudarte a completar tu proyecto con éxito, aumentar tu productividad y tu propia reputación interna.Presentation Slides »
  • Cómo la personalización puede aumentar tus ventas November 23, 2022 1:00 am
    En la charla hablaré de como la personalización de joyería en WordPress y WooCommerce, puede ayudar a augmentar las ventas y subir el ticket promedio por la vinculación emocional del cliente con el diseño. Daré pinceladas técnicas de 3D y WebComponents en WordPress para ofrecer personalización.Presentation Slides »
  • Interrogatorio a Google – ¿Qué hay que hacer para posicionar en SEO local? November 23, 2022 12:59 am
    La charla estará enfocada desde dos perspectivas: sobre las acciones black hat que nos pueden ayudar a posicionar una web o ficha de negocio local y cómo se debe hacer para no caer en una penalización por parte de Google. También se hablará sobre que acciones white hat son las que mejores resultados dan y cuáles no están funcionando a día de hoy.Presentation Slides »
  • Cómo elegir un tema para WooCommerce November 23, 2022 12:56 am
    El tema de WooCommerce determina la apariencia que va a tener tu tienda online. En esta charla veremos algunos consejos básicos que debes tener en cuenta a la hora de elegir un tema: Que la línea gráfica encaje con tu marca y tus productos, en función de lo que quieres comunicar a tu audiencia. Que el tema esté actualizado para que sea compatible con las últimas versiones de WordPress y WooCommerce. Que no incluya funcionalidades personalizadas. Que esté adaptado a todos los dispositivos, que sea accesible, y que ofrezca una experiencia de usuario agradable a todos los visitantes. Además, veremos aspectos más específicos de diseño orientado a la conversión. Así, podremos elegir un tema que tenga un diseño optimizado de cada una de las partes de tu tienda online (página de inicio, página de producto, listados, etc.).Presentation Slides »
  • Storytelling aplicado a las marcas November 23, 2022 12:54 am
    La finalidad de esta charla es que el oyente entienda la importancia que tiene el relato en la creación y posicionamiento de tu marca.Presentation Slides »
  • Aprende a optimizar el SEO de tu ecommerce November 23, 2022 12:52 am
    En esta charla aprenderás a optimizar las diferentes partes de tu ecommerce para mejorar las ventas. Veremos en detalle cómo optimizar la página de inicio, las páginas de categoría, las páginas de producto y el checkout de cualquier web construida en WordPress. Para este proceso, debemos partir de un buen keyword research, que nos permita entender las intenciones de búsqueda que tienen los usuarios. Después, crearemos una buena arquitectura web, con categorías, subcategorías y productos optimizados. También veremos varios tips sobre Linkbuilding, para que tu web tenga una mayor relevancia en internet. Todas estas acciones las realizaremos centrándonos siempre en que la web tenga una buena UX (Experiencia de Usuario).Presentation Slides »
  • Community Building: ¿Por qué dinamizar una Comunidad y cómo potenciar mi negocio Online? November 23, 2022 12:49 am
    Tener una audiencia en redes no es sinónimo de comunidad. Estamos muy equivocados creyendo que todos esos seguidores conectan realmente con nosotros. Casi siempre es unidireccional y además en la mayoría de los casos estamos «atados» a un algoritmo. Veremos los pasos para construir una comunidad mínima viable. Cultura de esos primeros usuarios. La generación de relaciones. Y estudiaremos todo el proceso, desde el propósito e identidad, los valores, rituales, experiencias, así como la organización y la elección de las herramientas adecuadas.Presentation Slides »
  • Hablemos de rendimiento November 23, 2022 12:47 am
    Rendimiento, rendimiento web, web performance optimization, da igual como lo llames, al final es la capacidad de medir cuán rápido se realiza la carga de una petición web para el usuario, a ojos del usuario y a ojos del medio que lo presenta. Hablaremos de diferentes factores a tener en cuenta a la hora de trazar una estrategia equilibrada para mejorar el rendimiento de nuestra web, tienda, intranet o landing.Presentation Slides »
  • WooCommerce básico November 23, 2022 12:38 am
    Dicen que montar un e-commerce en WordPress es fácil. Fácil si sabes cómo. En este taller de iniciación, te daré los pasos esenciales a seguir para poder empezar a darle vida a tu tienda online. Veremos los tipos de productos existentes, la tediosa configuración del IVA, los gastos de envío y las posibles formas de pago existentes. También os compartiré una lista de plugins por si necesitas hacer magia en tu tienda online en un momento dado. Todo empieza aquí… Después de esto podrás tener lista una primera versión sencilla para tu e-commerce.Presentation Slides »
  • Designing in the Site Editor: A WordPress Block Theme Exploration November 23, 2022 12:19 am
    This Learn WordPress tutorial covers the key files that make up a block theme behind-the-scenes, some important settings in your block theme's theme.json that switch on important tools for you as a theme designer (appearanceTools, Layout, and Color: Palette), how to create and use a style guide in the site editor to help you plan your theme before the heavy lifting begins, and mentions some limitations of designing in the site editor new theme designers should be aware of (such as the use of images and fonts).
  • Analítica digital para ecommerce November 22, 2022 9:55 pm
    Más allá de los datos de ventas ¿Cuáles son las métricas que pueden ayudar a un ecommerce a mejorar su facturación? En esta charla compartiré las características básicas que debe tener la instrumentación analítica básica de un ecommerce en WordPress con Google Analytics 4 y Microsoft Clarity. Con esto podremos saber qué hacer para mejorar el rendimiento del sitio, donde mirar y cómo es el proceso de análisis más eficiente.Presentation Slides »
  • 17 trucos de WooCommerce que me habría gustado conocer antes November 22, 2022 9:10 pm
    A lo largo de mi carrera profesional he hecho cientos de tiendas online: osCommerce, Prestashop y muuucho WooCommerce. En esta charla voy a compartir con vosotros muchos trucos que me habrían ahorrado muchos problemas y que os pueden ayudar a vosotros. Desde cosas a tener en cuenta cuando instalas WooCommerce a consejos para aumentar las ventas.Presentation Slides »
  • Automatizaciones de email para tu tienda en WooCommerce November 22, 2022 9:05 pm
    Las empresarias y empresarios que montan por primera vez una tienda online descubrimos muy pronto lo fundamental que es ahorrar tiempo y retener clientes. En esta charla, apta para principiantes, cuento mi experiencia usando MailerLite para automatizar el envió de email a los clientes de mi tienda en WooCommerce. Con eso tienes beneficios en términos de ahorro de tiempo y atención al cliente al implementar una herramienta para automatizar el envió de email con tu tienda online.Presentation Slides »
  • ¿Cómo aumentar tus ventas con un podcast? November 22, 2022 9:01 pm
    El podcast es una de las herramientas de comunicación más sencillas y económicas para dar a conocer tu marca, tu producto y a tí mismo. Miles de personas en todo el mundo consumen contenido en formato podcast y podrían escuchar hablar sobre tus productos directo en sus oídos. ¿Cuál es la mejor manera de incorporar el podcast en tu estrategia de ventas?Presentation Slides »
  • Ronda de conclusiones November 22, 2022 8:37 pm
    ¿Has tenido la sensación de tener demasiadas cosas de la WordCamp en la cabeza? ¿Que mañana no sabes por dónde empezar? Pero estás tranquilo porque sabes que estará todo en WordPress pero… todo está en y habrá que empezar por algo. Resumen y conclusiones de las rondas preparatorias de negocio, marketing y visibilidad, desarrollo y automatización. ¿Cómo evolucionarán las tiendas online en 2023? Veamos…Presentation Slides »
  • WordPress básico November 22, 2022 8:28 pm
    ¿Será fácil hacer una web con WordPress? Pues sí, es fácil fácil. Descubre que es eso de WordPress, lo fácil que es gestionarlo y crear tu web. Aprende a instalarlo, las configuraciones básicas, que es un blog y como crear paginas independientes dentro de tu web.Presentation Slides »
  • Impulsa tu tienda WooCoomerce con Elementor November 22, 2022 8:22 pm
    Un repaso a todas las funcionalidades de WooCommerce en Elementor. Qué plantillas de WooCommerce se pueden sustituir por las que creemos en Elementor y todo lo que se puede llegar a personalizar: carrito, checkout, notas WC, página de gracias…Presentation Slides »
  • An anthropologist, a WordPress developer, and a lawyer walk into a bar November 22, 2022 8:15 pm
    This talk will explore communicating across aisles. Whether you need to speak to advanced developers, those just learning WordPress, or better understand how you communicate to those on your own skill level, this session is for you. We will also consider the exciting elements that neurodivergent individuals bring to WordPress and how neurotypical individuals might better collaborate with and empower neurodivergent individuals. Finally, we will discuss how a community of employers, coworkers, and friends can provide platforms of discussion and learning that invite those of different backgrounds into the field, in particular people of color. Let’s learn to get comfortable with talking about uncomfortable things. In October 2021, Decker began work as a Project Manager in a digital marketing agency. While this was not her first exposure to WordPress, it was her full-time introduction to WordPress developers and clients. It was also her first experience working in a mostly white, male-dominated company and field. Her previous positions, including within her own business, were situations where women in leadership and women of color were much more common.
  • Elementor básico November 22, 2022 8:03 pm
    Cómo me hubiera gustado que me enseñaran Elementor desde 0… Efectivamente, aprenderás desde 0 qué es Elementor y cómo puedes sacarle el máximo partido de una forma ordenada y en un tiempo récord. Será una píldora intensiva de la que obtendrás una base muy completa para que puedas empezar a utilizarlo y diseñar tú mism@ una página web. Hablaremos de Hello, el editor, diseño, responsive, buenas prácticas y mucho más. Presentation Slides »
  • El coste de un hackeo November 22, 2022 7:08 pm
    Una de las partes más subestimadas de la posibilidad de ser hackeado, hasta que realmente lo sufre, es el posible costo a la persona o su organización. Este es un compendio de 2 historias de sitios atacados y el costo real para los propietarios de: – Un blog personal – Un sitio web de una PyMEPresentation Slides »
  • Bloques en WooCommerce, presente y futuro November 22, 2022 6:52 pm
    ¿Has trabajado con el nuevo editor de WordPress? ¿Sabías que puedes utilizarlo también para tu tienda de WooCommerce? En esta charla veremos lo que el equipo de WooCommerce ha hecho hasta ahora en el “Editor de la tienda”, como, de forma sencilla, el propietario de la tienda puede personalizar listados de productos, el checkout, páginas de producto específicas, etc. También veremos, en medida de lo posible, un adelanto de las futuras mejoras que serán presentadas a lo largo de 2023.Presentation Slides »
  • WooCommerce sin hacer un clic, usando la línea de comandos November 22, 2022 6:47 pm
    La CLI de WordPress permite automatizar una gran cantidad de tareas que realizamos de forma repetitiva en WordPress desde la línea de comandos, sin usar el panel de administración de WordPress, y mucho más rápido: instalar WordPress, actualizar su núcleo, sus temas y sus plugins, gestionar usuarios… De la misma forma, la WooCommerce CLI (WC-CLI) permite gestionar WooCommerce, el popular plugin de comercio electrónico, desde la línea de comandos. En esta sesión voy a explicar cómo puedes gestionar los distintos elementos de un comercio electrónico con la WC CLI: productos, pedidos, cupones, clientes… y ganar mucho tiempo tanto en procesos puntuales (importación o exportación masiva) como en tareas frecuentes y repetitivas.Presentation Slides »
  • Gestión de Stock via File Transfer November 22, 2022 6:43 pm
    En esta charla Dani Serrano quiere mostrar, con un caso práctico, como podemos gestionar el stock de una tienda hecha con WooCommerce a través de transferencia de ficheros con un sistema de terceros. Vamos a ver en qué consiste a nivel teórico y como llevarlo a la práctica con un proyecto real.Presentation Slides »
  • Automatiza WooCommerce para humanizar tu negocio November 22, 2022 6:39 pm
    Automatizar no significa dejar tu negocio en manos de duendes o robots, sino ayudarte a ganar tiempo optimizando tareas para que te puedas dedicar a lo realmente importante: tu negocio. En esta charla repasaremos algunas herramientas y conceptos útiles sobre automatización aplicada a WordPress y WooCommerce. Y, sobre todo, te contaré 10 tareas muy útiles (basadas en casos reales) para tiendas online que podrías estar automatizando.Presentation Slides »
  • Como crear una academia online con WordPress November 22, 2022 6:30 pm
    Herramientas, opciones y consejos que te ayudarán a decidir de qué forma montar tu academia online: ¿Con un plugin de LMS o sin él?Presentation Slides »
  • Speed up your eCommerce: SureCart vs. Woo November 22, 2022 2:24 pm
    This presentation explores using a new and free WooCommerce alternative plugin for faster, frictionless sales. Learn more about the potential to increase revenue through conversion optimization and easier setup with SureCart.Presentation Slides »
  • Trabalhando com estilos globais November 22, 2022 6:35 am
    Bem vindo ao Learn WordPress. O meu nome é Fellyph e hoje nós iremos abordar como trabalhamos com estilos globais. No vídeo de hoje vamos aprender como escolhemos variações de estilo. Como podemos personalizar a nossa tipografia, personalizar o esquema de cores do nosso site e personalizar blocos individualmente.
  • Clue: a detective’s guide to troubleshooting in WordPress November 21, 2022 8:20 pm
    Whether you own, maintain, or build WordPress sites, troubleshooting is a skill set that will save you time and money. Learn more about common WordPress issues and how to diagnose them. Find out how to identify root causes with a step-by-step process and determine next steps. Get tips for constructive communication with developers or web hosts to help speed up a problem resolution process.
  • ¿Qué necesito para vender en Internet? November 21, 2022 12:17 pm
    Básicamente, para vender online tus productos, ideas o servicios a través de Internet has de tener en cuenta lo siguiente: Qué herramientas usar para desarrollo, promoción, medición y venta. Las vías existentes para vender en Internet. Qué sistemas de cobro seguro y envío utilizar. Fiscalidad y aspectos legales aplicables a la venta online. Publicidad y promoción para lo que haces. Seguimiento de ventas y atención a los clientes. Captación de suscriptores y futuros clientes. Así como los posibles gastos e inversiones en: Infraestructura Web. Servicios profesionales. Publicidad y promoción.
  • クエリループブロックでブログページを作ろう! November 21, 2022 4:48 am
    ブロックエディターで最も応用のきく「クエリループブロック」!従来はテーマファイルを編集しないとレイアウトを変更できなかった投稿ページやアーカイブページが、今はこのブロックで自由自在に編集が可能です! このワークショップでは、クエリループブロックを紹介し、パターンを利用した簡単な編集方法の説明を行います。さらに、クエリループブロックを使って一からブログページを作り上げる過程も実演していきます。Presentation Slides »
  • Your technical support philosophy is losing money and angering customers November 20, 2022 6:59 pm
    Learn a new framework for technical support that retains more customers, attracts new customers, and all without falling into the common trap of becoming a free developer for entitled users. This philosophy of technical support is fun for technicians and empowering for customers.
  • Apertura – Presentación WordCamp Griñón 2022 November 20, 2022 12:40 am
    Empieza con buen pie en la charla de apertura de la WordCamp Griñón 2022. Te esperamos en el teatro.Presentation Slides »
  • The creative side of blocks, volume 3 November 19, 2022 2:50 am
    Did you know that you can create all sorts of interesting art with blocks in WordPress? The possibilities are wild and wonderful! Join us for a look behind a piece of block art and perhaps you’ll be inspired to create your own. Rich Tabor joins us to walk us through one of his block art creations. We’ll also introduce you to the Museum of Block Art, where Rich and other block artists showcase their creations. Perhaps you will be inspired to create your own piece of block art and contribute your creations to the museum!Presentation Slides »
  • Starting fresh on WordPress, Part 1 November 18, 2022 6:46 pm
    This presentation suggests best practices for setting up WordPress and Gutenberg. Learn more about customizing settings, adding themes, and adding plugins.Presentation Slides »

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