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  • WordPress 5.4 RC5 March 28, 2020 12:47 am
    The fifth release candidate for WordPress 5.4 is live! WordPress 5.4 is currently scheduled to land on March 31 2020, and we need your help to get there—if you haven’t tried 5.4 yet, now is the time! You can test the WordPress 5.4 release candidate in two ways: Try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choose the “bleeding edge nightlies” option) […]
    David Baumwald
  • WordPress 5.4 RC4 March 24, 2020 10:00 pm
    The fourth release candidate for WordPress 5.4 is live! WordPress 5.4 is currently scheduled to land on March 31 2020, and we need your help to get there—if you haven’t tried 5.4 yet, now is the time! You can test the WordPress 5.4 release candidate in two ways: Try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choose the “bleeding edge nightlies” option) […]
    Francesca Marano
  • WordPress 5.4 RC3 March 17, 2020 9:24 pm
    The third release candidate for WordPress 5.4 is now available! WordPress 5.4 is currently scheduled to be released on March 31 2020, and we need your help to get there—if you haven’t tried 5.4 yet, now is the time! There are two ways to test the WordPress 5.4 release candidate: Try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choose the “bleeding edge […]
    David Baumwald
  • WordPress 5.4 RC2 March 10, 2020 9:40 pm
    The second release candidate for WordPress 5.4 is now available! WordPress 5.4 is currently scheduled to be released on March 31 2020, and we need your help to get there—if you haven’t tried 5.4 yet, now is the time! There are two ways to test the WordPress 5.4 release candidate: Try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choose the “bleeding edge […]
    Francesca Marano
  • People of WordPress: Mary Job March 6, 2020 4:30 pm
    In the March edition of our "People of WordPress" series, you'll find out how Mary Job grew from a timid, curious cat into a public speaker and organizer of WordPress Meetups and WordCamps.
    Yvette Sonneveld
  • WordPress 5.4 Release Candidate March 3, 2020 9:59 pm
    The first release candidate for WordPress 5.4 is now available! This is an important milestone as we progress toward the WordPress 5.4 release date. “Release Candidate” means that the new version is ready for release, but with millions of users and thousands of plugins and themes, it’s possible something was missed. WordPress 5.4 is currently […]
    David Baumwald
  • The Month in WordPress: February 2020 March 2, 2020 9:15 am
    February 2020 was a busy month in the WordPress project! Most notably, there was an outpouring of sentiment in response to the unfortunate cancellation of WordCamp Asia. However, the team continues to work hard in the hopes of making WordCamp Asia 2021 happen. In addition, there were a number of releases and some exciting new […]
    Hugh Lashbrooke
  • WordPress 5.4 Beta 3 February 25, 2020 10:10 pm
    WordPress 5.4 Beta 3 is now available! This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend you run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site to play with the new version. You can test the WordPress 5.4 beta in two ways: Try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choose “bleeding edge nightlies” […]
    David Baumwald
  • Pop-Up Livestream on February 22 February 20, 2020 11:06 pm
    As mentioned in this post, Matt will host a livestream on February 22 during Bangkok daylight hours. He opened an invitation to any speaker who was affected by the cancellation, and the livestream will include the following fine people: Imran Sayed, Md Saif Hassan, Muhammad Muhsin, Nirav Mehta, Piccia Neri, Umar Draz, and Francesca Marano […]
  • WordPress 5.4 Beta 2 February 18, 2020 9:50 pm
    WordPress 5.4 Beta 2 is now available! This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend running it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site to play with the new version. You can test WordPress 5.4 beta 2 in two ways: Try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (choose the “bleeding edge nightlies” option) Or download […]
    David Baumwald News

WordPress for iOS

  • WordPress for iOS: Version 6.4 August 26, 2016 12:27 pm
    Hi there, WordPress users! Version 6.4 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. What’s New: iPad Keyboard Shortcuts. Press down the command key on your... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.7 August 26, 2016 11:33 am
    Hello WordPress users! Version 5.7 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. New “Plans” section in My Site... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.6 July 27, 2016 6:51 am
    Hello WordPress users! Version 5.6 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Related Posts in the Reader Discover... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for iOS: Version 6.3 July 16, 2016 9:12 pm
    Hi there, WordPress users! Version 6.3 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. What’s New: Access your site’s media library — even if WordPress... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.5 June 28, 2016 2:54 pm
    Visual Editor We’ve worked hard to bring a new editor to the app — it’s a complete rewrite designed to bring you a much smoother... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.4 June 1, 2016 11:53 am
    Hello WordPress users! Version 5.4 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Gravatar update Did you just take a great selfie?... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for iOS: Version 6.2 May 25, 2016 6:05 am
    Hi there, WordPress users! Version 6.2 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. What’s New: Sharing just got easier! Post content from apps to... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for Android: Version 5.3 May 5, 2016 8:57 am
    Hello WordPress users! Version 5.3 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Account Settings and App Settings We split the old... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for iOS: Version 6.1 April 25, 2016 1:30 pm
    Hi there, WordPress users! Version 6.1 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. What’s New: Get social on the go! and Jetpack-enabled bloggers... Continue reading →
  • WordPress for iOS: Call for beta testers April 21, 2016 12:35 pm
    Hello, WordPress users! We are launching a shiny, new TestFlight beta testing program for WordPress for iOS. If you yearn for the latest features, enjoy... Continue reading →

WordPress for Blackberry

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  • BuddyPress 5.1.2 Security Release January 3, 2020 9:36 pm
    BuddyPress 5.1.2 is now available. This is a security release. All BuddyPress installations are strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible. The 5.1.2 release addresses one security issue: Certain REST API requests could result in the exposure of private data. Discovered and reported independently by Petter Walbø Johnsgård and Jacek Suski. The vulnerability was […]
    Boone Gorges
  • BuddyPress 5.1.1 Security Release December 23, 2019 7:05 am
    BuddyPress 5.1.1 is now available. This is a security release. All BuddyPress installations are strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible. The 5.1.1 release addresses one security issue: A denied of service was fixed that could allow a logged in user to remove another user’s avatar and also any empty folder. Discovered by nomnom. […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • BuddyPress 5.1.0 Maintenance Release December 7, 2019 1:52 pm
    Immediately available is BuddyPress 5.1.0. This maintenance release fixes 8 bugs related to the 5.0.0 release, and is a recommended upgrade for all BuddyPress installations. For details on the changes, please read the 5.1.0 release notes. Update to BuddyPress 5.1.0 today in your WordPress Dashboard, or by downloading from the plugin repository. Many thanks to […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • ​​Contributing to BuddyPress just got easier 🙂 December 3, 2019 12:27 pm
    Yesterday morning we’ve deployed the first stable version of the BP Beta Tester plugin on the plugins directory.​​ This plugin’s goal is to make it easier to beta test our pre-releases. You just need to install and activate the plugin to be ready to try our beta and release candidate versions once we’ve announced […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • The road to BuddyPress blocks November 8, 2019 6:21 pm
    Hi everyone! First, we’d like to thank all the people who contributed to the poll we shared on our development updates blog and into a topic of one of our forums a month ago. It was really important for us to have your expectations about the content the plugin should provide to the WordPress Block […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • Test BuddyPress 5.1.0-beta1 thanks to our new BP Beta Tester plugin November 5, 2019 2:48 pm
    Hi BuddyPress contributors! We will soon publish a maintenance release (5.1.0) to fix some issues that arose since BuddyPress 5.0.0 “Le Gusto”. A detailed changelog will be part of our official release notes, but, until then, you can check out this report on Trac for the full list of fixes. Today we’re publishing a very […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • BuddyPress 5.0.0 “Le Gusto” September 28, 2019 11:07 am
    Here’s our latest major release featuring the BuddyPress REST API !! We are very excited to announce the BuddyPress community the immediate availability of BuddyPress 5.0.0 code-named “Le Gusto“. You can get it clicking on the above button, downloading it from our plugin repository or checking it out from our subversion repository. NB: if you’re […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • BuddyPress 5.0.0 Release Candidate 2 September 26, 2019 2:31 am
    Hi! The second release candidate for BuddyPress 5.0.0 is now available for an ultimate round of testing! Since the first release candidate, we’ve improved the way BP REST API Controllers are loaded inside BuddyPress component classes. This is an important milestone as we progress toward the BuddyPress 5.0.0 final release date. “Release Candidate” means that […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • An online community learning hub to deepen studies during IRL meetings September 24, 2019 9:07 am
    This is a guest post by Tanner Moushey, Founder and Lead Engineer of StudyChurch. He is a BP REST API early adopter and we thought his achievments implementing Headless BuddyPress was a great source of inspirations for the BuddyPress community. Many thanks to him for taking the time to share with us about this case […]
    Mathieu Viet
  • A new place to learn how to build on top of BuddyPress! September 20, 2019 2:47 pm
    Hi! We’re very excited to officially announce the launch of a new development resources site on the network. Today we are inaugurating with a complete handbook documenting the BP REST API. This API will be introduced into our next major version which is scheduled on September 30, 2019. We thought you’d be interested […]
    Mathieu Viet


  • bbPress 2.6.4 is out! January 30, 2020 1:03 pm
    bbPress 2.6.4 is a security release, and fixes 8 total issues reported by our amazing, patient, and vigilant community members: Fixes an obscure security issue with BuddyPress Group Forums, allowing Group Members to save Topics to invalid Forum IDs Fixes performance degradation for 2.5 database schemas Fixes a few typos Fixes some debug notices Fixes […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.3 is out! December 10, 2019 8:52 pm
    bbPress 2.6.3 fixes 9 issues reported by community members: Fixes a few typos and grammatical errors Bumps required WordPress versions to 5.3.0 (bbPress always only officially supports the latest WordPress version) Fixes the Forums widget displaying in the wrong order Fixes a JavaScript error with hierarchical replies We’re continuing to work on improving bbPress 2.6 […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.2 is out! November 22, 2019 6:24 pm
    bbPress 2.6.2 fixes 5 more small bugs that were reported by community members in our support forums: Hierarchical replies in threaded discussion topics were broken for sites that were enabling the visual editor, so we unbroke it. Sites with custom bbpress.css files were not having their custom styling applied in some cases. We fixed at […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6.1 is out! November 14, 2019 11:48 pm
    It seems like only yesterday that 2.6.0 was released, and depending on where you live that might actually be true! 🗓 bbPress 2.6.1 fixes a few small (but very annoying bugs) that warranted some immediate attention: One was causing subforums not to be listed underneath their parents anymore. Another was causing styling issues for a […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.6 – Better Great Than Never November 12, 2019 6:42 pm
    There’s no way for me to contain either my excitement or anxiety when I say that bbPress 2.6.0 is available now! 🎉 This version of bbPress has been in development for just a bit under 6 years (yikes!) over which 420 tickets were resolved via 1737 individual code commits. There are so many improvements that […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.5.14 September 12, 2017 7:39 pm
    Today we are releasing bbPress 2.5.14, which fixes a few small bugs we’ve noticed since 2.5.13 was released, in particular we’ve fixed some incompatibilities when using PHP 7.1, an unexpected debug notice with the Topics & Replies widgets, and improved validation and sanitization of database properties with the forum converter. Also, remember that since bbPress […]
    Stephen Edgar
  • bbPress 2.5.13 July 18, 2017 8:17 pm
    Today we are releasing bbPress 2.5.13, which fixes a few small bugs we’ve noticed since 2.5.12 was released, and also adds some sanitization to anonymous user data that went missing from previous versions. If your site allows anonymous users (users without registered accounts) to create topics & replies in your forums, you’ll want to upgrade […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.5.12 – Requires WordPress 4.7 December 9, 2016 8:02 am
    Oh, bother! Out now is bbPress 2.5.12, which fixes a bug for WordPress 4.7 users who did the right thing and updated to bbPress 2.5.11. Some of you may have noticed your bbPress menu items disappear – this release fixes that stinger. 🐝 2.5.12 officially bumps the minimum WordPress version requirement to 4.7 for all […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.5.11 – Maintenance Release November 10, 2016 12:27 am
    bbPress 2.5.11 is out, and is a maintenance release for all previous 2.x versions. 2.5.11 includes support for the soon to be released WordPress 4.7. If you’re planning on updating to WordPress 4.7 right away, you’ll want to update to bbPress 2.5.11 immediately. If you’re using any version of bbPress 2.x and have not yet […]
    John James Jacoby
  • bbPress 2.5.10 – Security Release July 13, 2016 4:06 pm
    bbPress 2.5.10 is out, and is a security release for all previous 2.x versions. 2.5.10 includes additional escaping on user display names in places where names & avatars are commonly displayed together. These changes are internal to bbPress and do not affect any third-party themes or modifications to bbPress template parts. If you are using […]
    John James Jacoby

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WordPress Development

  • Guidelines for ancient browser support: IE March 27, 2020 3:34 am
    WordPress still officially supports IE 11, and will likely have to continue support for it for a while. But there is not a huge amount of people using it anymore, and there’s some indication that quite a few of the people still using it may be screen reader users. On the other hand, there are […]
  • CSS Chat Summary: 26th March 2020 March 27, 2020 1:03 am
    Full meeting transcript on Slack: I (@isabel_brison) facilitated the meeting.  CSS audit updates I looked into our possibilities for visual regression testing and found that jest-image-snapshot integrates very well with our existing e2e testing tools. I’m preparing a prototype branch that I will share on the ticket soon. Open Floor @sabernhardt requested feedback on […]
  • Dev Chat summary – March 25, 2020 March 26, 2020 9:35 pm
    @francina facilitated the chat on this agenda. Full meeting transcript on Slack This devchat marked week 11 of the 5.4 release cycle. Announcements WordPress 5.4 Release Candidate 4 was released on Tuesday March 24, 2020 and everything went smoothly. @audrasjb shared an update on WP Auto-updates Feature Plugin: it was moved from his personal GitHub account to […]
    Jb Audras
  • What’s new in Gutenberg? (25 March) March 26, 2020 1:45 pm
    This release is mostly focused on polish work for the Block UI redesign. It also includes an official API to register custom Block patterns from themes and plugins. The API is still a work-in-progress and might evolve before reaching WordPress Core. 7.8 Enhancements Add visible labels to BlockPatternPicker pattern selection buttons 19789 Adds always on […]
    Ella van Durpe
  • Dev Chat Agenda for March 25, 2020 (5.4 Week 11) March 25, 2020 6:29 pm
    Here is the agenda for the weekly meeting happening later today: Wednesday, March 25, 2020, at 09:00 PM UTC. Announcements WordPress 5.4 Release Candidate 4 landed yesterday, March 24, as scheduled. Upcoming Releases The current major is 5.4, scheduled to go out on March 31st 2020; please keep testing for all the bugs! Trunk has branched […]
    Francesca Marano
  • Editor chat Summary: 25 March, 2020 March 25, 2020 3:18 pm
    This post summarizes the weekly editor chat meeting agenda here. Held on held in Slack. Moderated by @get_dave. WordPress 5.4 Upcoming Release WP 5.4 RC 4 was released yesterday (Wednesday, 24th March) WP 5.4 RC 4 adds the Editor packages (Trac: 49688) The editor PR’s that were cherry-picked into 5.4 can be checked on PR: […]
  • CSS Chat Agenda: 26th March 2020 March 25, 2020 5:13 am
    This is the agenda for the upcoming CSS meeting scheduled for . This meeting will be held in the #core-css channel  in the Making WordPress Slack. If there’s any topic you’d like to discuss, please leave a comment below! Agenda CSS audit status update Open floor #agenda, #core-css
  • JavaScript Chat Summary – March 24, 2020 March 24, 2020 11:59 pm
    Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack Transcript) Have a topic for discussion for the next meeting? Leave a suggested edit on next week’s agenda. Agenda: Date module dateI18n gmt parameter (added by @davilera) Slack | Pull Request This is a pull request that has been around for a […]
    Darren Ethier (nerrad)
  • XML Sitemaps Meeting: March 24th, 2020 March 24, 2020 11:05 am
    In case you were looking for an blog post about the XML Sitemaps feature project last week, worry no more. Work on the plugin is progressing smoothly and steadily, we just didn’t publish an agenda post last week. That means it is time for a double update today! Meeting Recap: March 10th & 17th For […]
    Pascal Birchler
  • Editor Chat Agenda: 25th March 2020 March 24, 2020 9:43 am
    Note taker: @andraganescu. This is the agenda for the weekly editor chat scheduled for Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 14:00 UTC. This meeting is held in the #core-editor WordPress Slack channel. WordPress 5.4 Upcoming Release — Field Guide and release schedule. Gutenberg Plugin version 7.8.0 – current RC. Monthly Plan & Weekly Priorities. Task Coordination. Open Floor. If you have anything to […]
    David Smith

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WP Recipes

  • Stripe vs Paypal: Which Is Best for WordPress? March 12, 2020 8:00 am
    Deciding between Stripe vs PayPal for your WordPress site can be a daunting task. They both bring many features to […] The post Stripe vs Paypal: Which Is Best for WordPress? appeared first on WPHacks.
    Editorial Team
  • How to Set Up an Email Address for Your Website Domain Name March 9, 2020 8:00 am
    Creating a new website can be overwhelming for some people. This is especially true when creating a website as a beginner. […] The post How to Set Up an Email Address for Your Website Domain Name appeared first on WPHacks.
    Editorial Team
  • 40 Examples of Sites Using the Total Theme March 4, 2020 8:00 am
    Choosing the ultimate theme for your WordPress site is easier said than done. You need something easy to use, attractive, […] The post 40 Examples of Sites Using the Total Theme appeared first on WPHacks.
    Editorial Team
  • 40 Examples of Sites Using WooCommerce February 18, 2020 8:00 am
    Are you on the hunt for the ideal eCommerce solution? There are plenty of tools on the market today that […] The post 40 Examples of Sites Using WooCommerce appeared first on WPHacks.
  • Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Better Customer Support February 13, 2020 8:00 am
    Customer service as we know it has changed. Today’s customers won’t necessarily call a contact center when they need help. […] The post Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Better Customer Support appeared first on WPHacks.
  • 5 Easy Tips for Finding the Perfect WordPress Theme February 11, 2020 8:00 am
    Nothing is more frustrating than spending upwards of $50 on a theme for your WordPress site for it to not […] The post 5 Easy Tips for Finding the Perfect WordPress Theme appeared first on WPHacks.
  • 40 Beautiful WordPress Divi Theme Examples That Will Wow You February 11, 2020 12:43 am
    Are you looking for a new WordPress theme? The Divi Theme, by Elegant Themes, is easily one of the most […] The post 40 Beautiful WordPress Divi Theme Examples That Will Wow You appeared first on WPHacks.
  • 5 Key Components of a Highly Converting Landing Page February 5, 2020 8:00 am
    A landing page can be the difference between having a strong conversion rate and a bad one. After putting a […] The post 5 Key Components of a Highly Converting Landing Page appeared first on WPHacks.
  • 10 Exciting Examples of the Beaver Builder Plugin in Use February 3, 2020 8:00 am
    Building a stunning website is a tough job. Even if you have some basic understanding of things like code and […] The post 10 Exciting Examples of the Beaver Builder Plugin in Use appeared first on WPHacks.
    Editorial Team
  • How to Add a WordPress Author Box to Your Blog Posts January 28, 2020 8:00 am
    So you’re interested in adding an author box to your WordPress blog? Well, you’ve come to the right place. An […] The post How to Add a WordPress Author Box to Your Blog Posts appeared first on WPHacks.

WebLog Tools Collection

  • I am taking my leave of Weblog Tools Collection, and thanks for everything! March 31, 2013 1:41 pm
    Not many of the present readers might know me very well, and that in part, is the reason that I have made the decision to transfer WLTC to more willing and presently capable hands. I am a stranger on my blog and the time has come for me to make sure that this blog, its contents and its knowledge are archived and preserved and maybe rejuvenated at a later time. I delved into blogging tools back in 2004 when I started my Masters degree in CS. I wanted some code to mess around with in my free time and everyone was talking about blogging. I looked into a variety of tools, built a small Linux server for myself at home, and installed a few of the tools that were freely available at that time. I had a heck of a time getting a hold of MT (Moveable Type, the most well-known name) and […]
    Mark Ghosh
  • Where to Find WordPress News March 31, 2013 12:05 am
    The landscape of news has changed so much over the last few years that news about a particular topic or platform is readily available to anyone within an instant. With WordPress, I imagine that could be one of the perks of powering over 16% of the web, but it’s true that news is becoming incredibly accessible. In short, news is everywhere. Speaking of WordPress in general, you can of course acquire official direct news from WordPress News, but you can also take a peak behind the curtain and follow news in the making at Make Though it’s only specific to the blogging platform, News is also worth watching for WordPress development news, as users often get access to new WordPress features before they’re released, so you’ll be able to try new features rather than just read about them. There’s more news than just direct official news, like I […]
  • WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/30 March 30, 2013 2:00 pm
    New plugins GC Message Box allows you to highlight your key message(s) in smart ways within articles and blog posts. Simple Social Icons allows you to insert social icons in any widget area. Stick It allows you to stick the navigation menu in any theme to the top of browser window. Updated plugins Jetpack allows you to supercharge your WordPress site with powerful features previously only available to users. Nav Menu Images enables uploading of images for nav menu items on the menu edit screen.
  • WordPress Theme Releases for 3/28 March 28, 2013 2:00 pm
    AirTime is a subtle and simple theme. FirmaSite is a responsive theme with BuddyPress and bbPress support. Stark Lite is a minimalist and simple theme.
  • WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/25 March 25, 2013 6:03 pm
    New plugins Easy Watermark automatically adds watermark to images when they are uploaded. Internet Defense League Cat Signal automatically loads either the modal or the banner Cat Signal when there is an active campaign from the Internet Defense League. Updated plugins BFT Autoresponder allows scheduling of automated autoresponder messages and managing a mailing list. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP will display Google Analytics data and statistics inside your Dashboard. WordPress MU Domain Mapping allows users of a WordPress MU site or WordPress 3.0 network to map their blog/site to another domain.
  • WordPress Theme Releases for 3/23 March 23, 2013 2:00 pm
    Memori Jingga is a responsive, clean, and simple theme. Rockers is a responsive theme with a clean design. Satu is an elegant single-column responsive theme.
  • WordCamp San Francisco 2013 Dates Announced March 22, 2013 10:24 pm
    The dates have been announced for WordCamp San Francisco 2013, an event which is often heralded as the annual WordPress conference. WordCamp San Francisco 2013 will be held on July 26 and 27 at the Mission Bay Conference Center with a Developer Hack Day on July 28. A list of speakers is not yet available, but they would like you to nominate your favorite past WordCamp speakers. Will you be attending WordCamp San Francisco this year?
  • WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/21 March 21, 2013 2:00 pm
    New plugins Google Adsense Dashboard for WP will display your Google Adsense earnings and related reports inside your Dashboard. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP will display Google Analytics data and statistics inside your Dashboard. Updated plugins Ad Code Manager allows you to manage your ad codes through the WordPress admin in a safe and easy way. BFT Autoresponder allows scheduling of automated autoresponder messages and managing a mailing list. CampTix Event Ticketing is an easy to use and flexible event ticketing plugin.
  • WordPress Theme Releases for 3/19 March 19, 2013 2:00 pm
    Cazuela is a neutral colored theme. Ilisa is a clean and minimal theme that can be easily used as a personal portfolio or a business website. Partition has a light, lively, colorful, yet professional and classic appearance.
  • WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/17 March 17, 2013 2:00 pm
    New plugins Barc Chat provides a simple yet feature rich chat room for your whole community to interact in real-time directly on your site. Get Directions is a flexible and responsive map plugin. Namaste! LMS is a learning management system for WordPress. Pinterest Verify Meta Tag simply inserts the Pinterest meta tag verification code to the correct section of your site. Updated plugins BackWPup allows you to backup your WordPress database, files, and more. Ooyala Video allows you to easily embed videos from the Ooyala Video Platform.
  • WordPress Theme Releases for 3/15 March 15, 2013 5:40 pm
    Ease is a simple red and white theme. Nomad is an attractive professional, business or blog theme with an unusual, very narrow orientation and design. Sensitive is fully responsive theme using Twitter Bootstrap and a Metro-styled accent. Visual is a dark minimalist theme for displaying photos and images.
  • WordPress 3.6 Release Delayed March 14, 2013 2:00 pm
    The impending release of WordPress 3.6 has been pushed back one more week to April 29. At this time, WordPress 3.6 is not yet feature complete (meaning that all intended new features have not been entirely finished), so the decision was made to push the first beta release back two weeks to March 27 and the final release back one week to April 29. This will allow the team time to focus on finalizing the in-progress new features so that they (and the brave folks who enjoy running beta software) can simply focus on testing and bug fixing rather than polishing up partial features.
  • WordPress Plugin Releases for 3/13 March 13, 2013 4:51 pm
    New plugins Easy Media Gallery is designed to display portfolios and various media types including gallery sets, single images, google maps, video, audio, and links with ease and elegance. ytlink provides a preview image for embedded YouTube videos. Updated plugins BackWPup allows you to backup your WordPress database, files, and more. Genericon’d enables easy use of the Genericons icon font set from within WordPress. Icons can be inserted using either HTML or a shortcode. Keyring provides a very hookable, completely customizable framework for connecting your WordPress site to an external service. WP All Import makes it easy to import any XML or CSV file into your WordPress site.
  • Do You Work From Home? March 12, 2013 2:00 pm
    There has been a lot of talk lately about working from home and maintaining a distributed workforce. Web-based software, like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, are taking over the publishing industry and allow you to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Though, even though they can be managed  from home, working from home and maintaining a distributed workforce is not yet broadly acknowledged in society as a successful and efficient alternative to working in an office. Despite working with software that doesn’t need to be tied to one specific workstation, you could still find yourself tied to a desk in cubicle. I work full-time for Automattic and have the pleasure of both working from home and setting my own hours. After all, I only need a browser, an email client, and IRC client, and Skype to do my job. A desk is nice, but there’s no one saying that said desk has to be […]
  • WordPress Theme Releases for 3/11 March 11, 2013 2:00 pm
    Attitude is a simple, clean, and responsive retina-ready theme. Catch Everest is a simple, clean, and responsive theme. Liberus is an ideal business related theme that is relatively simple and would suit any blog or website. Stitch is an elegant, modern theme with optional fixed header.

WordPress TV

  • Nathan Ingram: Dealing with Problem Clients – Building Fences Around Friendly Monsters March 26, 2020 3:11 pm
    Spend time talking with a group of web business owners and the conversation will inevitably include someone’s unfortunate experience with a terrible client. Most web pros have a story or two (or eight). While bad clients can’t be completely avoided, there are strategic steps any business owner can take to contain the impact of a bad client. In this session, Nathan will explain the how to create a system that preserves workflow and keeps problem clients in check. Take aways: (1) four fences that will keep problem clients in check, (2) the friendly monsters you should know and how to contain them, and (3) the payoff of protecting your business by building good fences.Presentation Slides »
  • Jasmine Andrews: Planning Your Website Roadmap: Why Every Website Project Needs One To Save It From Expensive Mistake March 23, 2020 11:00 am
    Take a walk through the main stages of a website project. Understand the tasks to be completed and the decisions to be made. Learn who does what, and how to ensure everyone communicates well, for a successful project that launches on time and on budget.
  • Lisa Hewitt: Divi 4.x and WooCommerce Changes March 23, 2020 10:59 am
    I will be discussing the use of Divi and WooCommerce after version 4 of Divi is released. We will look at the options and how to use the new features so we don’t need to use third-party plugins to format items, carts and account features etc. Divi 4.0 and new features Setup of global settings on Header, Body, Footers Setup of Blog Posts Setup of Products Setup of 404 Page Discussion about the inbuilt ‘Divi Help and Support Center’ – System Status, Safe Mode and Elegant theme support
  • Jo Minney: Our Wild Journey Implementing A Headless WordPress Blog March 23, 2020 10:57 am
    Several months ago we got REALLY EXCITED when we discovered that some industrious individuals had started implementing Gutenberg for other CMS & frameworks. Gutenberg for Laravel? Gutenberg for Drupal? Amazing! Then we tried it ourselves. And failed, miserably. Back to the drawing board – we needed a different way to integrate the shiny new block editor we’d already promised our favourite client with the mother of all websites. We’re talking a custom PHP website built on a highly complex custom enterprise CMS/ERP system developed over a 15 year period. No sweat. Fortunately for us, the latest craze in the WordPress development world – headless WordPress – came to the rescue! Find out about our journey as we share what we tried before landing on our final solution, what we ended up with, what we’d do differently next time and what our key takeaways from this wild adventure were!
  • Imran Sayed and Ajit Bohra: Digging into Gutenberg March 23, 2020 10:54 am
    It's been over a year since Gutenberg was released with WordPress 5.0 and we have seen some great improvements. While Gutenberg continues to outshine on the content creation experience, there have been so many updates and changes in Gutenberg that it's hard to keep up. Many developers also find block development challenging because there is a learning curve to React and JavaScript Whether you are someone who always thought of digging into it, but never started, the one who is left behind, or even just want to get your questions answered, this online meetup is for you. It's time to challenge those challenges. This meetup helps you build those core concepts and have your questions answered, by diving deep into Gutenberg Topics that will be covered: - Touch on basics of Gutenberg - Understand how things work in Gutenberg behind the scenes. - Understanding the Gutenberg core. - Build tools like @wordpress/wp-scripts and @wordpress/create-block - WordPress Data Module. - Current State and Future of Gutenberg. - Contributing to GutenbergPresentation Slides »
  • Patricia Rueda Sáez: ¿Marcas o adornas? March 20, 2020 5:15 pm
    Qué es Branding y cómo de importante es a la hora de impulsar tu marca y de emprender en el entorno online. Un repaso por el proceso de creación de una marca preparada para comunicar y la importancia del diseño gráfico en dicho proceso, mucho más allá de las redes sociales, del logocentrismo o las plantillas de Canva.Presentation Slides »
  • Lourdes González Perea: Sitios web accesibles, sitios web abiertos a la diversidad March 20, 2020 2:59 pm
    "¿Quieres conocer las ventajas de ofrecer contenidos inclusivos mediante Internet? ¿Y las pautas que debes tener en cuenta para que tu sitio web sea más accesible a personas con discapacidad, mayores y otros colectivos vulnerables? En esta ponencia se aportarán consejos para todos los profesionales involucrados en el diseño y mantenimiento de sitios basados en WordPress."Presentation Slides »
  • Joen Olsen: 10 Things I Learned About Working Remotely March 20, 2020 2:57 pm
    Working from home, or living at work? How to stay productive while your own psychology is working against you — and how disconnecting is the key to work/life balance.Presentation Slides »
  • Dani Serrano: Instalar y configurar WordPress por primera vez March 20, 2020 2:56 pm
    Vamos a instalar WordPress por primera vez. Es muy importante conocer la herramienta que estamos utilizando y saber qué funcionalidades y configuraciones tiene por defecto y cuales son añadidas por plugins o temas.Presentation Slides »
  • Mercedes Romero y Roberto Miralles: Cómo WordPress te ayuda a vivir de tu pasión March 20, 2020 2:55 pm
    WordPress nos ofrece múltiples soluciones para poder poner en marcha nuestro negocio en Internet o a través de Internet, además es algo que está al alcancé de cualquier persona, independientemente de su nivel de conocimientos técnicos. En esta charla te hablaremos sobre los pasos a seguir y de qué herramientas dispones, para poner en marcha tu negocio digital.Presentation Slides »
  • Oscar Fernández Herrero: Como crear un flujo de ventas con WordPress para vender tus productos/servi March 20, 2020 2:53 pm
    En esta charla Te voy a enseñar a crear un flujo de ventas como parte esencial del embudo de ventas que ha de tener cualquier web. El flujo de ventas es un proceso que ocurre en nuestra web y ayuda a que el prospecto se vea arrastrado de forma natural por este, como si de un proceso orgánico se tratase. Veremos con qué herramientas de WordPress podemos crear un flujo de ventas perfecto para vender nuestros productos o servicios. Estos procesos nos ayudarán a conseguir más leads, incrementar las conversiones y aumentar nuestros beneficios. Convierte tu web en una máquina de ventas consiguiendo maximizar tus beneficios simplificando la vida a tus clientes con WordPress.Presentation Slides »
  • Juan Miguel Carmona: VUE + WordPress = CMS más dinámico March 20, 2020 2:35 pm
    En esta charla veremos la utilidad de usar VUE junto a WordPress, usándolo como gestor de contenido, sacando provecho a la API REST de WordPress y a plugins como yoast, acf y otros.Presentation Slides »
  • Teresa Sáez: Todo lo que necesitas para vender con WordPress March 20, 2020 2:34 pm
    "¿Tienes una web WordPress? ¿Quieres vender en ella directamente tus productos, servicios, etc., pero no sabes por dónde empezar? Pues vamos a ver qué tienes que tener en cuenta a nivel técnico a la hora de implementar tu propio sistema para hacerlo posible ¡Así ya no te quedarán excusas para ponerte manos a la obra!"Presentation Slides »
  • Brook McCarthy: When Good Clients Go Bad March 20, 2020 1:01 pm
    With enough experience, everyone has had clients who start off well before going rogue. They might go silent, ignore your requests for information, become unreasonable in their requests, or even refuse to pay your final invoice. With a little preparation, you can drastically reduce these incidences while improving your professionalism, reducing your financial risk and minimising your stress to boot. In this talk I’ll cover: Warning signs and red flags to watch for Designing an awesome client onboarding process to minimise the risk that clients go rogue Specific words and phrases to use when you’re in the thick of a client crisis How to write your own policy (even if your company consists of me, myself and I) for dealing with these situations. Regardless of the particulars of what you do, everyone in business needs to be an awesome communicator, not just over email, but face-to-face, through video and other copy. Communication is not just what you say, it’s what people hear. So we’re going to look at why people act the way they do, how we react to difficult or confusing clients, and how to better communicate so that you can reduce client friction as well as your own stress. This is not a technical or complex talk. The target audience is for website designers who have struggled with managing clients’ expectations and want to do a better job of client communications while also reducing their risk.
  • Ulf Schönefeld: WordPress und Community March 20, 2020 12:49 pm
    Oft herrscht die Vorstellung vor, um an einem großen Open-Source-Projekt wie WordPress mitzuarbeiten zu können, müsste man zumindest ein Informatikstudium erfolgreich absolviert haben – genau mit diesem Trugschluss will Ulf Schönefeld aufräumen. Ziel ist es das Projekt WordPress und die dahinterstehende Community beim Termin näherzubringen. Wie sind selbige organisiert, was sind sinnvolle Anlaufstellen und welche Möglichkeiten bestehen sich dort einzubringen; selbst gesetzt dem Fall, dass man von technischen Dingen wie PHP, HTML, CSS oder JavaScript so überhaupt gar keine Ahnung hat.Presentation Slides »
  • Julià Mestieri Ferrer: Yendo más allá en el rendimiento de nuestro WordPress March 19, 2020 4:57 pm
    "El rendimiento de tu WordPress es importante. Un estudio de amazon calcula que cada segundo de mas que tarda en cargar su sitio les cuesta 1.6 billones de dolares en compras que se dejan de hacer. No solo para mejorar el SEO y posicionar mejor nuestro site debe cargar ràpido. Un site lento lleva a una peor experiencia de usuario, eso significa menos trafico y en un WooCommerce menos ventas."Presentation Slides »
  • Gisela Bravo: Crea tu estrategia de Automatización de Marketing con WordPress March 19, 2020 4:55 pm
    "No hay nada más desesperante que tras meses de trabajo con el SEO y optimización de tu WordPress, tus potenciales clientes entren, miren y a los pocos segundos se vayan sin más… ¿No sería genial mimarlos de forma personalizada y ofrecer sólo el contenido que realmente buscan y quieren?"Presentation Slides »
  • Álvaro Sánchez: SEO local: esto no te lo habían contado March 19, 2020 4:20 pm
    ¿Qué tiene en cuenta Google a la hora de decidir a qué negocio físico mandarnos ante una búsqueda local?Su criterio se intenta parecer bastante al consejo de alguien que te encuentras por la calle, pero hay unos cuantos detalles que necesitas conocer para entender esas recomendaciones.Presentation Slides »
  • Shaan Nicol: Ways To Use Zapier And WordPress To Automate Your Life March 19, 2020 12:46 pm
    I’m the director of ChillyBin Web Design, a Singapore-based web design & development agency creating delightfully-designed, mobile-optimised, super-fast, and ultra-reliable solutions for businesses across Asia-Pacific.
  • Sara Dunn: Get Your Website Visitors To Take Action (Without Voodoo Magic) March 19, 2020 12:44 pm
    A great website shouldn’t be measured on how trendy the design is or how fast it loads. A great website needs to do the heavy lifting to generate leads or sales. In this session, we’ll dive into your website’s call to action—How to identify your target market’s needs, present the solution, and determine the next best step they need to take to buy from you.Presentation Slides »
  • Rahul Bansal: Lesson Learned from Selling WordPress to Enterprises March 19, 2020 12:36 pm
    My WordPress journey started with small projects, with total budgets under $100. Nine years later, we have grown to reach the other end of the spectrum, regularly handling Enterprise WordPress projects with budgets of over $100K per year. At this scale, the rules for “selling” WordPress to a client change. WordPress’ traditional advantages don’t necessarily apply anymore. I will start by addressing the two largest apprehensions that enterprises have- security & scalability- and cover other pain points like: – Integration with existing systems – Ownership and responsibility – Extensibility and long term viability – “Free” and “GPL” concerns I hope the lessons I share in this talk from our own learning will help increase the WordPress adoption in enterprises.Presentation Slides »
  • Rebecca Gill: How to Create SEO Friendly Website Architecture March 19, 2020 12:34 pm
    In this session we’ll explore three SEO core tactics for creating a search engine friendly websites and blogs. We’ll deep dive into setting up content silos, the pros and cons of content depth, and super powers found in internal links.Presentation Slides »
  • Stephanie Brinley – Design, WordPress, and You March 19, 2020 12:16 pm
    You know how to build a WordPress theme, you’ve written your share of plugins, you know all the secrets to transform a WordPress site into the application you need it to be. But do you like to solve problems by adding more options? Are you worried that “good enough” is not good enough? Perhaps it’s time to work with an expert in web design, a professional who can enhance both the beauty and the usability of your creations. In this session we’ll discuss the importance of designers to WordPress development, how to decide when you need one, and how to find one worth working with.Presentation Slides »
  • Ignacio Cruz: Gutenberg en grandes medios March 19, 2020 12:09 pm
    ¿Qué puede hacer Gutenberg en WordPress en un gran medio? En esta ponencia pretendo exponer cómo de útil ha sido Gutenberg para The Sun, el famoso tabloide inglés. Con una redacción de decenas de personas y unas 600 noticias generadas a la semana, el desafío no era fácil pero Gutenberg ha llegado a The Sun para cambiarlo todo… para bien.Presentation Slides »
  • Kimberly Kachadoorian: Using images and fonts legally on your WordPress site March 19, 2020 12:04 pm
    Ever wondered if you could use an image you found on the web for a post or page on your WordPress site? This class will discuss both images and fonts, licenses and fair use.
  • Janelle Reichman: Jazz & WordPress March 19, 2020 12:00 pm
    My ten years as a professional jazz musician has prepared me for the WordPress world in more ways than I could have imagined. What could these two disparate worlds possibly have in common? Well, as it turns out, tons. In this action-packed lightning talk, I’ll explore the parallels between the culture of jazz and the culture of WordPress. As it turns out, us WordPress lovers could learn a thing or two from jazz musicians – and vice versa. WARNING: Immediately following this talk, you may find yourself making a beeline for the local record shop.
  • Morgan Timm: Creating a Content Strategy for your Blog March 19, 2020 11:50 am
    I’ll talk about how to create user avatars and use your analytics to decide what your audience responds to best, and how you can use that information to create content they love. A solid content strategy can be the difference between an online business that’s scraping by and a booming business.
  • Matthew Clancy: Don’t just design and build a Death Star, maintain it too March 19, 2020 11:49 am
    So you have your WordPress site up and running and its awesome. But what’s next? Don’t let those pesky Rebels destroy your new site come learn about what you can do to keep your WordPress site in good working order after it is completed.
  • Brian Richards: Clean Code is Profitable Code March 19, 2020 11:19 am
    How much time do you spend reading code versus writing code? The answer may surprise you… Most of a developer’s time is actually *not* spent writing code, yet _how_ we write code – and the decisions we make throughout the process – are paramount in the development process. Give me just 30 minutes and I’ll show you how writing code slowly and intentionally actually made me faster and more profitable. Better yet, I can teach you how to do the same. What we’ll cover: – Developer mindset and solving problems – What makes formatting so important – Adopting and following standards – How and why to write expressive code – Building better functions – Leveraging comments, and writing them better – The power and benefits of incremental improvement – Getting faster by moving slower This presentation is for anyone who aspires to write clean, functional code. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been programming for years, you’ll leave better equipped and inspired to write beautiful & useful code than when you entered. Working in code should be a delightful experience, so let me help you make it pleasant and enjoyable!
  • Thomas Stirling: Building Websites With A Purpose March 19, 2020 11:19 am
    In this talk I share how to use online surveys, user interviews, analytics and focus groups to build better websites. Shifting the conversation from client focused projects to user focused experiences allows you to truly understand and deliver for your users. We will explore when to leverage tools like Google Analytics, Inspectlet, and marketing automation platforms. The outcome is a stronger relationship with your client, a repeatable method for continued website improvements, and an outstanding experience for both the client and its users.
  • Naoko Takano: Validating WordPress Translation Project March 19, 2020 11:15 am
    This video shows how a PTE or GTE can validate a WordPress translation project. For more information about becoming a PTE, please refer: Project Translation Editor (PTE) Request (
  • Luis Rodríguez: Japonismo y WordPress, una gran unión March 19, 2020 11:13 am
    "WordPress es una herramienta perfecta para crear un proyecto web profesional que permita convertirse en un modo de vida. Japonismo es la prueba de ello y contaremos cómo ha evolucionado y cómo hemos usado lo mejor de WordPress para conseguir un gran posicionamiento y reputación."Presentation Slides »
  • Corey Dodd: Positioning For Profit March 19, 2020 11:07 am
    The talk will cover what an ideal customer is and how to work out who that is for you, I will explain what an ideal client avatar is, and how to create one for yourself. I will then explain and show how to craft effective messaging (and perhaps even branding) to help you communicate in a way that really speaks clearly to those who you wish to attract most. I will touch on niching (common objections and misconception) as you can not talk about positioning for an audience without covering niching. As with the above, I will cover why you should consider niching and how to niche based on not only the standard Vertical and Horizontal niches but also based on Psychographics and personality types. The benefits of the above helps to attract more leads, convert more leads and charge a premium rate for this. I will finishing this up by covering basic pricing principles and how to tie that into your offer and communication to help you charge more by doing the same amount (and level) of work.
  • Shikha Colwill: Strategy Is Not Negotiable March 19, 2020 11:04 am
    This talk covers the following points: The importance of a business plan How to implement a business strategy The focus on your client persona and who they really are Marketing success and strategies Copy and Communications The talk will cover a high-level of information which can be adapted by anyone who owns a business or website online.
  • Delia Carballo: Diseño fácil en WordPress con Elementor March 18, 2020 5:10 pm
    En este taller aprenderás las nociones básicas necesarias para diseñar webs con el plugin Elementor, el constructor de páginas visual que te permite maquetar contenido en WordPress de una forma sencilla e intuitiva.Presentation Slides »
  • Ana Cirujano: Diseñar para WordPress y que en la fase de desarrollo nadie muera en el intento March 18, 2020 5:03 pm
    "Si quieres especializarte en diseño de sitios web con WordPress, esta es tu charla. Te interesa tanto si vas a maquetar tú mismo/a después con un editor visual como si vas a pasar tu diseño al equipo de desarrollo. Haremos un recorrido por las fases de diseño de una web para WordPress, aprendiendo las buenas prácticas. Veremos aspectos clave como el prototipado, el diseño responsive, la gestión de assets y, lo más importante: la comunicación entre diseño y maquetación."Presentation Slides »
  • Marina Brocca y Santiago Alonso: No te olvides del RGPD… él nunca lo haría (ni lo hará) March 18, 2020 4:29 pm
    "¿Quieres conocer las ventajas de ofrecer contenidos inclusivos mediante Internet? ¿Y las pautas que debes tener en cuenta para que tu sitio web sea más accesible a personas con discapacidad, mayores y otros colectivos vulnerables? En esta ponencia se aportarán consejos para todos los profesionales involucrados en el diseño y mantenimiento de sitios basados en WordPress."Presentation Slides »
  • Pablo Moratinos: Zanshin, el estado de alerta del WebSensei March 18, 2020 4:27 pm
    Explotar uno sitio web implica trabajar ciertos conocimientos transversales para sacarle un rendimiento adecuado: experiencia de usuario, marketing, analítica, SEO… Estas disciplinas cuentan con técnicas que permiten detectar errores y oportunidades de mejora para alcanzar los objetivos de negocio del sitio. Ponerlas en práctica de forma continuada es algo parecido a disfrutar de un estado relajado de alerta constante. A esto, los maestros de artes marciales japonesas le llaman Zanshin.Presentation Slides »
  • Juan Serrano Galán: Atomic Design ¿Empezamos? March 18, 2020 4:26 pm
    Compartiré cómo fueron mis inicios en “Atomic Design”, qué tendremos que tener en cuenta antes de empezar y qué tendremos que aprender para poder llevarlo a cabo tanto en Diseño como en desarrollo. También pondré ejemplos y comparaciones en las distintas fases que tiene un proyecto con esta “Metodología”.Presentation Slides »
  • Rocío Valdivia: Cómo se organiza una WordCamp desde dentro March 18, 2020 4:25 pm
    En esta charla, me gustaría mostrar cómo es el proceso y cuales son las herramientas que ponemos a disposición desde WordCamp Central para toda la comunidad de WordPress del mundo para que se organicen fácilmente más de 150 WordCamps al año por todo el mundo y con más de 800 grupos de Meetups a lo largo del globo terráqueo 🙂Presentation Slides »
  • Briana Graydon: Let’s Get Engaged March 18, 2020 6:33 am
    Using social media to build relationships Engagement Strategies Using social media as a lead generator
  • Haley Brown – 5 Steps To Avoiding Burnout: Creating A Healthy Work/Life Balance March 16, 2020 12:22 pm
    In this talk, you will learn different ways on how to manage a healthy work/life balance and relieve the stress of self-employment while ensuring a recurring income.
  • Rosie Shilo – How Outsourcing Can Allow You To Thrive March 16, 2020 12:18 pm
    Rosie Shilo, reveals the hottest tips on how you can easily start outsourcing including How to determine what you should outsource How to let go and trust your contractors, and How to choose and build your virtual team.
  • Robert Li – Preparing For The Flood. How Do You Conduct Load Testing To Ready Your WordPress Site For Viral Events? March 16, 2020 12:13 pm
  • Kate Toon – Why No One Is Reading Your Blog Posts (And How To Change That) March 16, 2020 12:09 pm
    Kate Toon is a writing entrepreneur, as well as a popular coach, speaker, author and podcaster. Her digital education businesses The Recipe for SEO Success and The Clever Copywriting School have helped more than 8000 small business owners grapple the Google beast and write better content. Nominated as SEMRush SEO Personality of the Year and AusPod’s Business Podcast of Year, 2 years running, Kate runs Australia’s only dedicated copywriting conference COPYCON. She presents at events around the world and runs several hugely successful Facebook groups. Author of the Amazon Best Seller Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur: How to succeed in business despite yourself, Kate lives on the Central Coast of Sydney City, where she loves wandering on the beach with her son and her CFO (Chief Furry Office-dog) Pomplemousse.
  • Luca Rodino: La centralità del sito internet nel Marketing moderno March 16, 2020 10:36 am
    Nel 2019 spesso si sente dire che il sito internet è qualcosa di vecchio e ormai superato. Che le nuove generazioni puntano molto più sui social e sulle App piuttosto che sul web. Seppure queste affermazioni sono vere, ad oggi, sia per un azienda, sia per un privato, è imprescindibile avere una propria presenza online strutturata alla “vecchia maniera”. Vediamo insieme perché non possiamo ancora fare a meno di avere un sito web e come esso influisca positivamente sulle strategie di comunicazione e marketing moderne.
  • Dennis Ploetner: PHP – Verso la versione 7.4 March 16, 2020 10:25 am
    Le prestazioni raccomandate per WordPress sono PHP >= 7.3, MySQL >= 5.6 o MariaDB >= 10.1, mod_rewrite per Apache attivo e supporto per HTTPS. Ma il nostro amato CMS dovrebbe funzionare anche con la versione 5.6.20 di PHP. Cosa vuol dire? Scopriamo insieme le novità e le incompatibilità dalla versione 5.6.20 alla 7.4.
  • Laura Sacco: WordPress in italiano? Traduciamolo insieme! March 15, 2020 3:36 pm
    Il sistema e le linee guida per localizzare l’ecosistema di WordPress in italiano.
  • Naoko Takano, Rie Seguchi: WordPress 対談 〜大阪・日本の WordPressを語る!〜 March 14, 2020 5:59 am
  • Jeff Deutsch – The Future Of WordPress SEO – What’s New In 2020 March 13, 2020 6:00 am
    Why you should be hunting for more niche, low competition keywords, and how to build pages for those keywords (without having to create tons more content.) Show why people search differently now vs the past Show what types of new keywords they’re searching for now Show how to capture and convert that search traffic

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