Handle big/automated WXR exports with the WordPress CLI Exporter

If you run a big site or many blogs and would like to create some automated exports or run into memory/runtime issues with the web based exporter then this wrapper around the existing web-based WordPress exporter will likely help you out here.

Grab the file from and copy it to your WordPress root folder or any other convenient location.

Make sure to set $wordpress_root_dir and $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] according to your environment.

Then execute the script with the following parameters ( brackets indicate optional parameters ):

php cli-exporter.php --blog=blogname --path=/tmp/ --user=admin [--start_date=2011-01-01] [--end_date=2011-12-31] [--post_type=post] [--author=admin] [--category=Uncategorized] [--post_status=publish] [--skip_comments=1]
  • blogname: the name or blog_id of the blog you like to export
  • path: the full path to the directory where exports should be stored
  • user: the WordPress username that will run this export
  • start_date: only export posts older than this date (format: YYYY-MM-DD)
  • end_date: only export posts newer than this date (format: YYYY-MM-DD)
  • post_type: export only posts matching this post_type
  • author: export only posts for this user_login or user_id
  • category: export only posts with this category name
  • post_status: export only posts with a particular post status
  • skip_comments: if this is set to 1 then comments will not be exported

I hope this is useful.


5 Responses to “Handle big/automated WXR exports with the WordPress CLI Exporter”

  1. I think you meant instead of but both will be very valuable.

    Much thanks!

    Jan Dembowski

  2. This would be great except it’s only for WordPress MU. Errors on the function call get_blogaddress_by_name() when run on WordPress (single blog).

  3. New pull request 🙂 Happy to help you maintain the repo if you’d like.

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