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Retrieve or echo all of the bookmarks.List of default arguments are as follows: ‘orderby’ – Default is ‘name’ (string). How to order the links by. String is based off of the bookmark scheme. ‘order’ – Default is ‘ASC’ (string). Either ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’. Orders in either ascending or descending order. ‘limit’ – Default is -1 (integer) or show all. The amount of bookmarks to display. ‘category’ – Default is empty string (string). Include the links in what category ID(s). ‘category_name’ – Default is empty string (string). Get links by category name. ‘hide_invisible’ – Default is 1 (integer). Whether to show (default) or hide links marked as ‘invisible’. ‘show_updated’ – Default is 0 (integer). Will show the time of when the bookmark was last updated. ‘echo’ – Default is 1 (integer). Whether to echo (default) or return the formatted bookmarks. ‘categorize’ – Default is 1 (integer). Whether to show links listed by category (default) or show links in one column. ‘show_description’ – Default is 0 (integer). Whether to show the description of the bookmark.


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