function twentyeleven_print_link_color_style() {}

Add a style block to the theme for the current link color.
This function is attached to the wp_head action hook.

Source code

function twentyeleven_print_link_color_style() {

	$options = twentyeleven_get_theme_options();

	$link_color = $options['link_color'];

	$default_options = twentyeleven_get_default_theme_options();

	// Don't do anything if the current link color is the default.

	if ( $default_options['link_color'] == $link_color )




		/* Link color */


		#site-title a:focus,

		#site-title a:hover,

		#site-title a:active,

		.entry-title a:hover,

		.entry-title a:focus,

		.entry-title a:active,

		.widget_twentyeleven_ephemera .comments-link a:hover,

		section.recent-posts .other-recent-posts a[rel="bookmark"]:hover,

		section.recent-posts .other-recent-posts .comments-link a:hover,

		.format-image footer.entry-meta a:hover,

		#site-generator a:hover {

			color: <?php echo $link_color; ?>;


		section.recent-posts .other-recent-posts .comments-link a:hover {

			border-color: <?php echo $link_color; ?>;


		article.feature-image.small .entry-summary p a:hover,

		.entry-header .comments-link a:hover,

		.entry-header .comments-link a:focus,

		.entry-header .comments-link a:active,

		.feature-slider {

			background-color: <?php echo $link_color; ?>;






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