function wp_update_comment_count($post_id, $do_deferred=false) {}

Updates the comment count for post(s).
When $do_deferred is false (is by default) and the comments have been set to be deferred, the post_id will be added to a queue, which will be updated at a later date and only updated once per post ID.


  • int $post_id: Post ID
  • bool $do_deferred: Whether to process previously deferred post comment counts

Return values

returns:True on success, false on failure

Source code

function wp_update_comment_count($post_id, $do_deferred=false) {

	static $_deferred = array();

	if ( $do_deferred ) {

		$_deferred = array_unique($_deferred);

		foreach ( $_deferred as $i => $_post_id ) {


			unset( $_deferred[$i] ); /** @todo Move this outside of the foreach and reset $_deferred to an array instead */



	if ( wp_defer_comment_counting() ) {

		$_deferred[] = $post_id;

		return true;


	elseif ( $post_id ) {

		return wp_update_comment_count_now($post_id);




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