function wp_unschedule_event( $timestamp, $hook, $args = array() {}

Unschedule a previously scheduled cron job.
The $timestamp and $hook parameters are required, so that the event can be identified.


  • int $timestamp: Timestamp for when to run the event.
  • string $hook: Action hook, the execution of which will be unscheduled.
  • array $args: Arguments to pass to the hook’s callback function. Although not passed to a callback function, these arguments are used to uniquely identify the scheduled event, so they should be the same as those used when originally scheduling the event.

Source code

function wp_unschedule_event( $timestamp, $hook, $args = array() ) {

	$crons = _get_cron_array();

	$key = md5(serialize($args));

	unset( $crons[$timestamp][$hook][$key] );

	if ( empty($crons[$timestamp][$hook]) )

		unset( $crons[$timestamp][$hook] );

	if ( empty($crons[$timestamp]) )

		unset( $crons[$timestamp] );

	_set_cron_array( $crons );



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