function wp_script_is( $handle, $list = 'queue' ) {}

Check whether script has been added to WordPress Scripts.
The values for list defaults to ‘queue’, which is the same as enqueue for scripts.


  • string $handle: Handle used to add script.
  • string $list: Optional, defaults to ‘queue’. Others values are ‘registered’, ‘queue’, ‘done’, ‘to_do’

Source code

function wp_script_is( $handle, $list = 'queue' ) {

	global $wp_scripts;

	if ( ! is_a( $wp_scripts, 'WP_Scripts' ) ) {

		if ( ! did_action( 'init' ) )

			_doing_it_wrong( __FUNCTION__, sprintf( __( 'Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the %1$s, %2$s, or %3$s hooks.' ),

				'<code>wp_enqueue_scripts</code>', '<code>admin_enqueue_scripts</code>', '<code>init</code>' ), '3.3' );

		$wp_scripts = new WP_Scripts();


	$query = $wp_scripts->query( $handle, $list );

	if ( is_object( $query ) )

		return true;

	return $query;



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