function wp_schedule_event( $timestamp, $recurrence, $hook, $args = array() {}

Schedule a periodic event.
Schedules a hook which will be executed by the WordPress actions core on a specific interval, specified by you. The action will trigger when someone visits your WordPress site, if the scheduled time has passed.


  • int $timestamp: Timestamp for when to run the event.
  • string $recurrence: How often the event should recur.
  • string $hook: Action hook to execute when cron is run.
  • array $args: Optional. Arguments to pass to the hook’s callback function.

Return values

returns:False on failure, null when complete with scheduling event.

Defined filters

  • schedule_event
    apply_filters('schedule_event', $event)

Source code

function wp_schedule_event( $timestamp, $recurrence, $hook, $args = array()) {

	$crons = _get_cron_array();

	$schedules = wp_get_schedules();

	if ( !isset( $schedules[$recurrence] ) )

		return false;

	$event = (object) array( 'hook' => $hook, 'timestamp' => $timestamp, 'schedule' => $recurrence, 'args' => $args, 'interval' => $schedules[$recurrence]['interval'] );

	$event = apply_filters('schedule_event', $event);

	// A plugin disallowed this event

	if ( ! $event )

		return false;

	$key = md5(serialize($event->args));

	$crons[$event->timestamp][$event->hook][$key] = array( 'schedule' => $event->schedule, 'args' => $event->args, 'interval' => $event->interval );

	uksort( $crons, "strnatcasecmp" );

	_set_cron_array( $crons );



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