function wp_nav_menu_item_link_meta_box() {}

Displays a metabox for the custom links menu item.

Source code

function wp_nav_menu_item_link_meta_box() {

	global $_nav_menu_placeholder, $nav_menu_selected_id;

	$_nav_menu_placeholder = 0 > $_nav_menu_placeholder ? $_nav_menu_placeholder - 1 : -1;

	$current_tab = 'create';

	if ( isset( $_REQUEST['customlink-tab'] ) && in_array( $_REQUEST['customlink-tab'], array('create', 'all') ) ) {

		$current_tab = $_REQUEST['customlink-tab'];


	$removed_args = array(









	<div class="customlinkdiv" id="customlinkdiv">

			<input type="hidden" value="custom" name="menu-item[<?php echo $_nav_menu_placeholder; ?>][menu-item-type]" />

			<p id="menu-item-url-wrap">

				<label class="howto" for="custom-menu-item-url">

					<span><?php _e('URL'); ?></span>

					<input id="custom-menu-item-url" name="menu-item[<?php echo $_nav_menu_placeholder; ?>][menu-item-url]" type="text" class="code menu-item-textbox" value="http://" />



			<p id="menu-item-name-wrap">

				<label class="howto" for="custom-menu-item-name">

					<span><?php _e('Label'); ?></span>

					<input id="custom-menu-item-name" name="menu-item[<?php echo $_nav_menu_placeholder; ?>][menu-item-title]" type="text" class="regular-text menu-item-textbox input-with-default-title" title="<?php esc_attr_e('Menu Item'); ?>" />



		<p class="button-controls">

			<span class="add-to-menu">

				<img class="waiting" src="<?php echo esc_url( admin_url( 'images/wpspin_light.gif' ) ); ?>" alt="" />

				<input type="submit"<?php disabled( $nav_menu_selected_id, 0 ); ?> class="button-secondary submit-add-to-menu" value="<?php esc_attr_e('Add to Menu'); ?>" name="add-custom-menu-item" id="submit-customlinkdiv" />



	</div><!-- /.customlinkdiv -->




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