function wp_kses_normalize_entities($string) {}

Converts and fixes HTML entities.
This function normalizes HTML entities. It will convert "AT&T" to the correct "AT&T", ":" to ":", "&#XYZZY;" to "&#XYZZY;" and so on.


  • string $string: Content to normalize entities

Return values

returns:Content with normalized entities

Source code

function wp_kses_normalize_entities($string) {

	# Disarm all entities by converting & to &

	$string = str_replace('&', '&', $string);

	# Change back the allowed entities in our entity whitelist

	$string = preg_replace_callback('/&([A-Za-z]{2,8});/', 'wp_kses_named_entities', $string);

	$string = preg_replace_callback('/&#(0*[0-9]{1,7});/', 'wp_kses_normalize_entities2', $string);

	$string = preg_replace_callback('/&#[Xx](0*[0-9A-Fa-f]{1,6});/', 'wp_kses_normalize_entities3', $string);

	return $string;



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