function wp_kses_bad_protocol($string, $allowed_protocols) {}

Sanitize string from bad protocols.
This function removes all non-allowed protocols from the beginning of $string. It ignores whitespace and the case of the letters, and it does understand HTML entities. It does its work in a while loop, so it won’t be fooled by a string like "javascript:javascript:alert(57)".


  • string $string: Content to filter bad protocols from
  • array $allowed_protocols: Allowed protocols to keep

Return values

returns:Filtered content

Source code

function wp_kses_bad_protocol($string, $allowed_protocols) {

	$string = wp_kses_no_null($string);

	$string2 = $string.'a';

	while ($string != $string2) {

		$string2 = $string;

		$string = wp_kses_bad_protocol_once($string, $allowed_protocols);

	} # while

	return $string;



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