function wp_get_schedules() {}

Retrieve supported and filtered Cron recurrences.
The supported recurrences are ‘hourly’ and ‘daily’. A plugin may add more by hooking into the ‘cron_schedules’ filter. The filter accepts an array of arrays. The outer array has a key that is the name of the schedule or for example ‘weekly’. The value is an array with two keys, one is ‘interval’ and the other is ‘display’.

Defined filters

  • cron_schedules
    apply_filters( 'cron_schedules', array()

Source code

function wp_get_schedules() {

	$schedules = array(

		'hourly' => array( 'interval' => 3600, 'display' => __('Once Hourly') ),

		'twicedaily' => array( 'interval' => 43200, 'display' => __('Twice Daily') ),

		'daily' => array( 'interval' => 86400, 'display' => __('Once Daily') ),


	return array_merge( apply_filters( 'cron_schedules', array() ), $schedules );



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