function wp_get_current_commenter() {}

Get current commenter’s name, email, and URL.
Expects cookies content to already be sanitized. User of this function might wish to recheck the returned array for validity.

Return values

returns:Comment author, email, url respectively.

Defined filters

  • wp_get_current_commenter
    apply_filters('wp_get_current_commenter', compact('comment_author', 'comment_author_email', 'comment_author_url')

Source code

function wp_get_current_commenter() {

	// Cookies should already be sanitized.

	$comment_author = '';

	if ( isset($_COOKIE['comment_author_'.COOKIEHASH]) )

		$comment_author = $_COOKIE['comment_author_'.COOKIEHASH];

	$comment_author_email = '';

	if ( isset($_COOKIE['comment_author_email_'.COOKIEHASH]) )

		$comment_author_email = $_COOKIE['comment_author_email_'.COOKIEHASH];

	$comment_author_url = '';

	if ( isset($_COOKIE['comment_author_url_'.COOKIEHASH]) )

		$comment_author_url = $_COOKIE['comment_author_url_'.COOKIEHASH];

	return apply_filters('wp_get_current_commenter', compact('comment_author', 'comment_author_email', 'comment_author_url'));



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