function wp_dashboard_secondary_output() {}

Display secondary dashboard RSS widget feed.

Source code

function wp_dashboard_secondary_output() {

	$widgets = get_option( 'dashboard_widget_options' );

	@extract( @$widgets['dashboard_secondary'], EXTR_SKIP );

	$rss = @fetch_feed( $url );

	if ( is_wp_error($rss) ) {

		if ( is_admin() || current_user_can('manage_options') ) {

			echo '<div class="rss-widget"><p>';

			printf(__('<strong>RSS Error</strong>: %s'), $rss->get_error_message());

			echo '</p></div>';


	} elseif ( !$rss->get_item_quantity() ) {



		return false;

	} else {

		echo '<div class="rss-widget">';

		wp_widget_rss_output( $rss, $widgets['dashboard_secondary'] );

		echo '</div>';






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