function wp_create_thumbnail( $file, $max_side, $deprecated = '' ) {}

Create a thumbnail from an Image given a maximum side size.
This function can handle most image file formats which PHP supports. If PHP does not have the functionality to save in a file of the same format, the thumbnail will be created as a jpeg.


  • mixed $file: Filename of the original image, Or attachment id.
  • int $max_side: Maximum length of a single side for the thumbnail.
  • mixed $deprecated: Never used.

Return values

returns:Thumbnail path on success, Error string on failure.

Defined filters

  • wp_create_thumbnail
    apply_filters( 'wp_create_thumbnail', $thumbpath )

Source code

function wp_create_thumbnail( $file, $max_side, $deprecated = '' ) {

	if ( !empty( $deprecated ) )

		_deprecated_argument( __FUNCTION__, '1.2' );

	$thumbpath = image_resize( $file, $max_side, $max_side );

	return apply_filters( 'wp_create_thumbnail', $thumbpath );



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