function wp_comment_trashnotice() {}

Output ‘undo move to trash’ text for comments

Source code

function wp_comment_trashnotice() {


<div class="hidden" id="trash-undo-holder">

	<div class="trash-undo-inside"><?php printf(__('Comment by %s moved to the trash.'), '<strong></strong>'); ?> <span class="undo untrash"><a href="#"><?php _e('Undo'); ?></a></span></div>


<div class="hidden" id="spam-undo-holder">

	<div class="spam-undo-inside"><?php printf(__('Comment by %s marked as spam.'), '<strong></strong>'); ?> <span class="undo unspam"><a href="#"><?php _e('Undo'); ?></a></span></div>





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