function type_url_form_video() {}

Source code

function type_url_form_video() {

	return '

	<table class="describe"><tbody>


			<th valign="top" scope="row" class="label">

				<span class="alignleft"><label for="insertonly[href]">' . __('Video URL') . '</label></span>

				<span class="alignright"><abbr title="required" class="required">*</abbr></span>


			<td class="field"><input id="insertonly[href]" name="insertonly[href]" value="" type="text" aria-required="true"></td>



			<th valign="top" scope="row" class="label">

				<span class="alignleft"><label for="insertonly[title]">' . __('Title') . '</label></span>

				<span class="alignright"><abbr title="required" class="required">*</abbr></span>


			<td class="field"><input id="insertonly[title]" name="insertonly[title]" value="" type="text" aria-required="true"></td>


		<tr><td></td><td class="help">' . __('Link text, e.g. “Lucy on YouTube”') . '</td></tr>

	' . _insert_into_post_button('video') . '





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