function the_taxonomies($args = array() {}

Display the taxonomies of a post with available options.
This function can be used within the loop to display the taxonomies for a post without specifying the Post ID. You can also use it outside the Loop to display the taxonomies for a specific post.


  • array $args: Override the defaults.

Source code

function the_taxonomies($args = array()) {

	$defaults = array(

		'post' => 0,

		'before' => '',

		'sep' => ' ',

		'after' => '',

		'template' => '%s: %l.'


	$r = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults );

	extract( $r, EXTR_SKIP );

	echo $before . join($sep, get_the_taxonomies($post, $r)) . $after;



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