function shortcode_parse_atts($text) {}

Retrieve all attributes from the shortcodes tag.
The attributes list has the attribute name as the key and the value of the attribute as the value in the key/value pair. This allows for easier retrieval of the attributes, since all attributes have to be known.


  • string $text

Return values

returns:List of attributes and their value.

Source code

function shortcode_parse_atts($text) {

	$atts = array();

	$pattern = '/(\w+)\s*=\s*"([^"]*)"(?:\s|$)|(\w+)\s*=\s*\'([^\']*)\'(?:\s|$)|(\w+)\s*=\s*([^\s\'"]+)(?:\s|$)|"([^"]*)"(?:\s|$)|(\S+)(?:\s|$)/';

	$text = preg_replace("/[\x{00a0}\x{200b}]+/u", " ", $text);

	if ( preg_match_all($pattern, $text, $match, PREG_SET_ORDER) ) {

		foreach ($match as $m) {

			if (!empty($m[1]))

				$atts[strtolower($m[1])] = stripcslashes($m[2]);

			elseif (!empty($m[3]))

				$atts[strtolower($m[3])] = stripcslashes($m[4]);

			elseif (!empty($m[5]))

				$atts[strtolower($m[5])] = stripcslashes($m[6]);

			elseif (isset($m[7]) and strlen($m[7]))

				$atts[] = stripcslashes($m[7]);

			elseif (isset($m[8]))

				$atts[] = stripcslashes($m[8]);


	} else {

		$atts = ltrim($text);


	return $atts;



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