function settings_errors( $setting = '', $sanitize = FALSE, $hide_on_update = FALSE ) {}

Display settings errors registered by add_settings_error()
Part of the Settings API. Outputs a <div> for each error retrieved by get_settings_errors().


  • string $setting: Optional slug title of a specific setting who’s errors you want.
  • boolean $sanitize: Whether to re-sanitize the setting value before returning errors.
  • boolean $hide_on_update: If set to true errors will not be shown if the settings page has already been submitted.

Source code

function settings_errors( $setting = '', $sanitize = FALSE, $hide_on_update = FALSE ) {

	if ($hide_on_update AND $_GET['settings-updated']) return;

	$settings_errors = get_settings_errors( $setting, $sanitize );

	if ( !is_array($settings_errors) ) return;

	$output = '';

	foreach ( $settings_errors as $key => $details ) {

		$css_id = 'setting-error-' . $details['code'];

		$css_class = $details['type'] . ' settings-error';

		$output .= "<div id='$css_id' class='$css_class'> \n";

		$output .= "<p><strong>{$details['message']}</strong></p>";

		$output .= "</div> \n";



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