function save_mod_rewrite_rules() {}

Updates the htaccess file with the current rules if it is writable.
Always writes to the file if it exists and is writable to ensure that we blank out old rules.

Source code

function save_mod_rewrite_rules() {

	if ( is_multisite() )


	global $wp_rewrite;

	$home_path = get_home_path();

	$htaccess_file = $home_path.'.htaccess';

	// If the file doesn't already exist check for write access to the directory and whether we have some rules.

	// else check for write access to the file.

	if ((!file_exists($htaccess_file) && is_writable($home_path) && $wp_rewrite->using_mod_rewrite_permalinks()) || is_writable($htaccess_file)) {

		if ( got_mod_rewrite() ) {

			$rules = explode( "\n", $wp_rewrite->mod_rewrite_rules() );

			return insert_with_markers( $htaccess_file, 'WordPress', $rules );



	return false;



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