function sanitize_comment_cookies() {}

Sanitizes the cookies sent to the user already.
Will only do anything if the cookies have already been created for the user. Mostly used after cookies had been sent to use elsewhere.

Defined filters

  • pre_comment_author_name
    apply_filters('pre_comment_author_name', $_COOKIE['comment_author_'.COOKIEHASH])
  • pre_comment_author_email
    apply_filters('pre_comment_author_email', $_COOKIE['comment_author_email_'.COOKIEHASH])
  • pre_comment_author_url
    apply_filters('pre_comment_author_url', $_COOKIE['comment_author_url_'.COOKIEHASH])

Source code

function sanitize_comment_cookies() {

	if ( isset($_COOKIE['comment_author_'.COOKIEHASH]) ) {

		$comment_author = apply_filters('pre_comment_author_name', $_COOKIE['comment_author_'.COOKIEHASH]);

		$comment_author = stripslashes($comment_author);

		$comment_author = esc_attr($comment_author);

		$_COOKIE['comment_author_'.COOKIEHASH] = $comment_author;


	if ( isset($_COOKIE['comment_author_email_'.COOKIEHASH]) ) {

		$comment_author_email = apply_filters('pre_comment_author_email', $_COOKIE['comment_author_email_'.COOKIEHASH]);

		$comment_author_email = stripslashes($comment_author_email);

		$comment_author_email = esc_attr($comment_author_email);

		$_COOKIE['comment_author_email_'.COOKIEHASH] = $comment_author_email;


	if ( isset($_COOKIE['comment_author_url_'.COOKIEHASH]) ) {

		$comment_author_url = apply_filters('pre_comment_author_url', $_COOKIE['comment_author_url_'.COOKIEHASH]);

		$comment_author_url = stripslashes($comment_author_url);

		$_COOKIE['comment_author_url_'.COOKIEHASH] = $comment_author_url;




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