function register_setting( $option_group, $option_name, $sanitize_callback = '' ) {}

Register a setting and its sanitization callback


  • string $option_group: A settings group name. Should correspond to a whitelisted option key name. Default whitelisted option key names include “general,” “discussion,” and “reading,” among others.
  • string $option_name: The name of an option to sanitize and save.
  • unknown_type $sanitize_callback: A callback function that sanitizes the option’s value.

Source code

function register_setting( $option_group, $option_name, $sanitize_callback = '' ) {

	global $new_whitelist_options;

	if ( 'misc' == $option_group ) {

		_deprecated_argument( __FUNCTION__, '3.0', __( 'The miscellaneous options group has been removed. Use another settings group.' ) );

		$option_group = 'general';


	$new_whitelist_options[ $option_group ][] = $option_name;

	if ( $sanitize_callback != '' )

		add_filter( "sanitize_option_{$option_name}", $sanitize_callback );


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