function register_deactivation_hook($file, $function) {}

Set the deactivation hook for a plugin.
When a plugin is deactivated, the action ‘deactivate_PLUGINNAME’ hook is deactivated. In the name of this hook, PLUGINNAME is replaced with the name of the plugin, including the optional subdirectory. For example, when the plugin is located in wp-content/plugin/sampleplugin/sample.php, then the name of this hook will become ‘activate_sampleplugin/sample.php’.


  • string $file: The filename of the plugin including the path.
  • callback $function: the function hooked to the ‘activate_PLUGIN’ action.

Source code

function register_deactivation_hook($file, $function) {

	$file = plugin_basename($file);

	add_action('deactivate_' . $file, $function);



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