function prep_atom_text_construct($data) {}

Determine the type of a string of data with the data formatted.
Tell whether the type is text, html, or xhtml, per RFC 4287 section 3.1.


  • string $data: Input string

Return values

returns:array(type, value)

Source code

function prep_atom_text_construct($data) {

	if (strpos($data, '<') === false && strpos($data, '&') === false) {

		return array('text', $data);


	$parser = xml_parser_create();

	xml_parse($parser, '<div>' . $data . '</div>', true);

	$code = xml_get_error_code($parser);


	if (!$code) {

		if (strpos($data, '<') === false) {

			return array('text', $data);

		} else {

			$data = "<div xmlns=''>$data</div>";

			return array('xhtml', $data);



	if (strpos($data, ']]>') == false) {

		return array('html', "<![CDATA[$data]]>");

	} else {

		return array('html', htmlspecialchars($data));





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