function post_trackback_meta_box($post) {}

Display trackback links form fields.


  • object $post

Source code

function post_trackback_meta_box($post) {

	$form_trackback = '<input type="text" name="trackback_url" id="trackback_url" class="code" tabindex="7" value="'. esc_attr( str_replace("\n", ' ', $post->to_ping) ) .'" />';

	if ('' != $post->pinged) {

		$pings = '<p>'. __('Already pinged:') . '</p><ul>';

		$already_pinged = explode("\n", trim($post->pinged));

		foreach ($already_pinged as $pinged_url) {

			$pings .= "\n\t<li>" . esc_html($pinged_url) . "</li>";


		$pings .= '</ul>';



<p><label for="trackback_url"><?php _e('Send trackbacks to:'); ?></label> <?php echo $form_trackback; ?><br /> (<?php _e('Separate multiple URLs with spaces'); ?>)</p>

<p><?php _e('Trackbacks are a way to notify legacy blog systems that you’ve linked to them. If you link other WordPress sites they’ll be notified automatically using <a href="" target="_blank">pingbacks</a>, no other action necessary.'); ?></p>


if ( ! empty($pings) )

	echo $pings;



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