function menu_page_url($menu_slug, $echo = true) {}

Get the url to access a particular menu page based on the slug it was registered with.
If the slug hasn’t been registered properly no url will be returned


  • string $menu_slug: The slug name to refer to this menu by (should be unique for this menu)
  • bool $echo: Whether or not to echo the url – default is true

Return values

returns:the url

Source code

function menu_page_url($menu_slug, $echo = true) {

	global $_parent_pages;

	if ( isset( $_parent_pages[$menu_slug] ) ) {

		$parent_slug = $_parent_pages[$menu_slug];

		if ( $parent_slug && ! isset( $_parent_pages[$parent_slug] ) ) {

			$url = admin_url( add_query_arg( 'page', $menu_slug, $parent_slug ) );

		} else {

			$url = admin_url( 'admin.php?page=' . $menu_slug );


	} else {

		$url = '';


	$url = esc_url($url);

	if ( $echo )

		echo $url;

	return $url;



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