function maybe_drop_column($table_name, $column_name, $drop_ddl) {}

Drop column from database table, if it exists.


  • string $table_name: Table name
  • string $column_name: Column name
  • string $drop_ddl: SQL statement to drop column.

Return values

returns:False on failure, true on success or doesn’t exist.

Source code

function maybe_drop_column($table_name, $column_name, $drop_ddl) {

	global $wpdb;

	foreach ($wpdb->get_col("DESC $table_name",0) as $column ) {

		if ($column == $column_name) {

			//found it try to drop it.


			// we cannot directly tell that whether this succeeded!

			foreach ($wpdb->get_col("DESC $table_name",0) as $column ) {

				if ($column == $column_name) {

					return false;





	// else didn't find it

	return true;



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