function link_advanced_meta_box($link) {}

Display advanced link options form fields.


  • object $link

Source code

function link_advanced_meta_box($link) {


<table class="form-table" style="width: 100%;" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="5">

	<tr class="form-field">

		<th valign="top"  scope="row"><label for="link_image"><?php _e('Image Address') ?></label></th>

		<td><input type="text" name="link_image" class="code" id="link_image" size="50" value="<?php echo ( isset( $link->link_image ) ? esc_attr($link->link_image) : ''); ?>" style="width: 95%" /></td>


	<tr class="form-field">

		<th valign="top"  scope="row"><label for="rss_uri"><?php _e('RSS Address') ?></label></th>

		<td><input name="link_rss" class="code" type="text" id="rss_uri" value="<?php echo  ( isset( $link->link_rss ) ? esc_attr($link->link_rss) : ''); ?>" size="50" style="width: 95%" /></td>


	<tr class="form-field">

		<th valign="top"  scope="row"><label for="link_notes"><?php _e('Notes') ?></label></th>

		<td><textarea name="link_notes" id="link_notes" cols="50" rows="10" style="width: 95%"><?php echo ( isset( $link->link_notes ) ? $link->link_notes : ''); // textarea_escaped ?></textarea></td>


	<tr class="form-field">

		<th valign="top"  scope="row"><label for="link_rating"><?php _e('Rating') ?></label></th>

		<td><select name="link_rating" id="link_rating" size="1">


			for ($r = 0; $r <= 10; $r++) {

				echo('            <option value="'. esc_attr($r) .'" ');

				if ( isset($link->link_rating) && $link->link_rating == $r)

					echo 'selected="selected"';



		?></select>&nbsp;<?php _e('(Leave at 0 for no rating.)') ?>







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