function is_page_template($template = '') {}

Whether currently in a page template.
This template tag allows you to determine if you are in a page template. You can optionally provide a template name and then the check will be specific to that template.


  • string $template: The specific template name if specific matching is required.

Return values

returns:False on failure, true if success.

Source code

function is_page_template($template = '') {

	if (!is_page()) {

		return false;


	global $wp_query;

	$page = $wp_query->get_queried_object();

	$custom_fields = get_post_custom_values('_wp_page_template',$page->ID);

	$page_template = $custom_fields[0];

	// We have no argument passed so just see if a page_template has been specified

	if ( empty( $template ) ) {

		if ( !empty( $page_template ) and ( 'default' != $page_template ) ) {

			return true;


	} elseif ( $template == $page_template) {

		return true;


	return false;



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