function install_dashboard() {}

Source code

function install_dashboard() {


	<p><?php _e('Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. You may automatically install plugins from the <a href="">WordPress Plugin Directory</a> or upload a plugin in .zip format via this page.') ?></p>

	<h4><?php _e('Search') ?></h4>

	<p class="install-help"><?php _e('Search for plugins by keyword, author, or tag.') ?></p>

	<?php install_search_form(); ?>

	<h4><?php _e('Popular tags') ?></h4>

	<p class="install-help"><?php _e('You may also browse based on the most popular tags in the Plugin Directory:') ?></p>


	$api_tags = install_popular_tags();

	echo '<p class="popular-tags">';

	if ( is_wp_error($api_tags) ) {

		echo $api_tags->get_error_message();

	} else {

		//Set up the tags in a way which can be interprated by wp_generate_tag_cloud()

		$tags = array();

		foreach ( (array)$api_tags as $tag )

			$tags[ $tag['name'] ] = (object) array(

									'link' => esc_url( self_admin_url('plugin-install.php?tab=search&type=tag&s=' . urlencode($tag['name'])) ),

									'name' => $tag['name'],

									'id' => sanitize_title_with_dashes($tag['name']),

									'count' => $tag['count'] );

		echo wp_generate_tag_cloud($tags, array( 'single_text' => __('%d plugin'), 'multiple_text' => __('%d plugins') ) );


	echo '</p><br class="clear" />';



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