function iis7_delete_rewrite_rule($filename) {}

Delete WordPress rewrite rule from web.config file if it exists there


  • string $filename: Name of the configuration file

Source code

function iis7_delete_rewrite_rule($filename) {

	// If configuration file does not exist then rules also do not exist so there is nothing to delete

	if ( ! file_exists($filename) )

		return true;

	if ( ! class_exists('DOMDocument') )

		return false;

	$doc = new DOMDocument();

	$doc->preserveWhiteSpace = false;

	if ( $doc -> load($filename) === false )

		return false;

	$xpath = new DOMXPath($doc);

	$rules = $xpath->query('/configuration/system.webServer/rewrite/rules/rule[starts-with(@name,\'wordpress\')]');

	if ( $rules->length > 0 ) {

		$child = $rules->item(0);

		$parent = $child->parentNode;


		$doc->formatOutput = true;

		saveDomDocument($doc, $filename);


	return true;



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