function get_rss ($url, $num_items = 5) { // Like get posts, but for RSS

Display RSS items in HTML list items.
You have to specify which HTML list you want, either ordered or unordered before using the function. You also have to specify how many items you wish to display. You can’t display all of them like you can with wp_rss() function.


  • string $url: URL of feed to display. Will not auto sense feed URL.
  • int $num_items: Optional. Number of items to display, default is all.

Return values

returns:False on failure.

Source code

function get_rss ($url, $num_items = 5) { // Like get posts, but for RSS

	$rss = fetch_rss($url);

	if ( $rss ) {

		$rss->items = array_slice($rss->items, 0, $num_items);

		foreach ( (array) $rss->items as $item ) {

			echo "<li>\n";

			echo "<a href='$item[link]' title='$item[description]'>";

			echo esc_html($item['title']);

			echo "</a><br />\n";

			echo "</li>\n";


	} else {

		return false;




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