function get_lastpostdate($timezone = 'server') {}

Retrieve the date that the last post was published.
The server timezone is the default and is the difference between GMT and server time. The ‘blog’ value is the date when the last post was posted. The ‘gmt’ is when the last post was posted in GMT formatted date.


  • string $timezone: The location to get the time. Can be ‘gmt’, ‘blog’, or ‘server’.

Return values

returns:The date of the last post.

Defined filters

  • get_lastpostdate
    apply_filters( 'get_lastpostdate', _get_last_post_time( $timezone, 'date' )

Source code

function get_lastpostdate($timezone = 'server') {

	return apply_filters( 'get_lastpostdate', _get_last_post_time( $timezone, 'date' ), $timezone );



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