function get_available_languages( $dir = null ) {}

Get all available languages based on the presence of *.mo files in a given directory. The default directory is WP_LANG_DIR.


  • string $dir: A directory in which to search for language files. The default directory is WP_LANG_DIR.

Return values

returns:Array of language codes or an empty array if no languages are present. Language codes are formed by stripping the .mo extension from the language file names.

Source code

function get_available_languages( $dir = null ) {

	$languages = array();

	foreach( (array)glob( ( is_null( $dir) ? WP_LANG_DIR : $dir ) . '/*.mo' ) as $lang_file ) {

		$lang_file = basename($lang_file, '.mo');

		if ( 0 !== strpos( $lang_file, 'continents-cities' ) && 0 !== strpos( $lang_file, 'ms-' ) )

			$languages[] = $lang_file;


	return $languages;



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