function get_archives_link($url, $text, $format = 'html', $before = '', $after = '') {}

Retrieve archive link content based on predefined or custom code.
The format can be one of four styles. The ‘link’ for head element, ‘option’ for use in the select element, ‘html’ for use in list (either ol or ul HTML elements). Custom content is also supported using the before and after parameters.


  • string $url: URL to archive.
  • string $text: Archive text description.
  • string $format: Optional, default is ‘html’. Can be ‘link’, ‘option’, ‘html’, or custom.
  • string $before: Optional.
  • string $after: Optional.

Return values

returns:HTML link content for archive.

Defined filters

  • get_archives_link
    apply_filters( 'get_archives_link', $link_html )

Source code

function get_archives_link($url, $text, $format = 'html', $before = '', $after = '') {

	$text = wptexturize($text);

	$title_text = esc_attr($text);

	$url = esc_url($url);

	if ('link' == $format)

		$link_html = "\t<link rel='archives' title='$title_text' href='$url' />\n";

	elseif ('option' == $format)

		$link_html = "\t<option value='$url'>$before $text $after</option>\n";

	elseif ('html' == $format)

		$link_html = "\t<li>$before<a href='$url' title='$title_text'>$text</a>$after</li>\n";

	else // custom

		$link_html = "\t$before<a href='$url' title='$title_text'>$text</a>$after\n";

	$link_html = apply_filters( 'get_archives_link', $link_html );

	return $link_html;



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