function gd_edit_image_support($mime_type) {}

Check if the installed version of GD supports particular image type


  • string $mime_type

Source code

function gd_edit_image_support($mime_type) {

	if ( function_exists('imagetypes') ) {

		switch( $mime_type ) {

			case 'image/jpeg':

				return (imagetypes() & IMG_JPG) != 0;

			case 'image/png':

				return (imagetypes() & IMG_PNG) != 0;

			case 'image/gif':

				return (imagetypes() & IMG_GIF) != 0;


	} else {

		switch( $mime_type ) {

			case 'image/jpeg':

				return function_exists('imagecreatefromjpeg');

			case 'image/png':

				return function_exists('imagecreatefrompng');

			case 'image/gif':

				return function_exists('imagecreatefromgif');



	return false;



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