function dismissed_updates() {}

Source code

function dismissed_updates() {

	$dismissed = get_core_updates( array( 'dismissed' => true, 'available' => false ) );

	if ( $dismissed ) {

		$show_text = esc_js(__('Show hidden updates'));

		$hide_text = esc_js(__('Hide hidden updates'));


	<script type="text/javascript">

		jQuery(function($) {


			$('#show-dismissed').toggle(function(){$(this).text('<?php echo $hide_text; ?>');}, function() {$(this).text('<?php echo $show_text; ?>')});

			$('#show-dismissed').click(function() { $('#dismissed-updates').toggle('slow');});




		echo '<p class="hide-if-no-js"><a id="show-dismissed" href="#">'.__('Show hidden updates').'</a></p>';

		echo '<ul id="dismissed-updates" class="core-updates dismissed">';

		foreach( (array) $dismissed as $update) {

			echo '<li>';

			list_core_update( $update );

			echo '</li>';


		echo '</ul>';




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