function create_empty_blog( $domain, $path, $weblog_title, $site_id = 1 ) {}

Create an empty blog.


  • string $domain: The new blog’s domain.
  • string $path: The new blog’s path.
  • string $string: The new blog’s title.
  • int $site: Optional. Defaults to 1.
  • $weblog_title
  • $site_id

Return values

returns:The ID of the newly created blog

Source code

function create_empty_blog( $domain, $path, $weblog_title, $site_id = 1 ) {

	$domain			= addslashes( $domain );

	$weblog_title	= addslashes( $weblog_title );

	if ( empty($path) )

		$path = '/';

	// Check if the domain has been used already. We should return an error message.

	if ( domain_exists($domain, $path, $site_id) )

		return __( '<strong>ERROR</strong>: Site URL already taken.' );

	// Need to back up wpdb table names, and create a new wp_blogs entry for new blog.

	// Need to get blog_id from wp_blogs, and create new table names.

	// Must restore table names at the end of function.

	if ( ! $blog_id = insert_blog($domain, $path, $site_id) )

		return __( '<strong>ERROR</strong>: problem creating site entry.' );




	return $blog_id;



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