function convert_smilies($text) {}

Convert text equivalent of smilies to images.
Will only convert smilies if the option ‘use_smilies’ is true and the global used in the function isn’t empty.


  • string $text: Content to convert smilies from text.

Return values

returns:Converted content with text smilies replaced with images.

Source code

function convert_smilies($text) {

	global $wp_smiliessearch;

	$output = '';

	if ( get_option('use_smilies') && !empty($wp_smiliessearch) ) {

		// HTML loop taken from texturize function, could possible be consolidated

		$textarr = preg_split("/(<.*>)/U", $text, -1, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE); // capture the tags as well as in between

		$stop = count($textarr);// loop stuff

		for ($i = 0; $i < $stop; $i++) {

			$content = $textarr[$i];

			if ((strlen($content) > 0) && ('<' != $content[0])) { // If it's not a tag

				$content = preg_replace_callback($wp_smiliessearch, 'translate_smiley', $content);


			$output .= $content;


	} else {

		// return default text.

		$output = $text;


	return $output;



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