function capital_P_dangit( $text ) {}

Forever eliminate "Wordpress" from the planet (or at least the little bit we can influence).
Violating our coding standards for a good function name.


  • $text

Source code

function capital_P_dangit( $text ) {

	// Simple replacement for titles

	if ( 'the_title' === current_filter() )

		return str_replace( 'Wordpress', 'WordPress', $text );

	// Still here? Use the more judicious replacement

	static $dblq = false;

	if ( false === $dblq )

		$dblq = _x('“', 'opening curly quote');

	return str_replace(

		array( ' WordPress', '‘WordPress', $dblq . 'Wordpress', '>Wordpress', '(WordPress' ),

		array( ' WordPress', '‘WordPress', $dblq . 'WordPress', '>WordPress', '(WordPress' ),

	$text );




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    […] Tadlock chronicles the consequences of Matt Mullenweg’s frustrating filter function – capital_P_dangit: […]

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