function atom_enclosure() {}

Display the atom enclosure for the current post.
Uses the global $post to check whether the post requires a password and if the user has the password for the post. If not then it will return before displaying.

Defined filters

  • atom_enclosure
    apply_filters('atom_enclosure', '<link href="' . trim(htmlspecialchars($enclosure[0])

Source code

function atom_enclosure() {

	if ( post_password_required() )


	foreach ( (array) get_post_custom() as $key => $val ) {

		if ($key == 'enclosure') {

			foreach ( (array) $val as $enc ) {

				$enclosure = split("\n", $enc);

				echo apply_filters('atom_enclosure', '<link href="' . trim(htmlspecialchars($enclosure[0])) . '" rel="enclosure" length="' . trim($enclosure[1]) . '" type="' . trim($enclosure[2]) . '" />' . "\n");






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