function apache_mod_loaded($mod, $default = false) {}

Does the specified module exist in the Apache config?


  • string $mod: e.g. mod_rewrite
  • bool $default: The default return value if the module is not found

Source code

function apache_mod_loaded($mod, $default = false) {

	global $is_apache;

	if ( !$is_apache )

		return false;

	if ( function_exists('apache_get_modules') ) {

		$mods = apache_get_modules();

		if ( in_array($mod, $mods) )

			return true;

	} elseif ( function_exists('phpinfo') ) {



			$phpinfo = ob_get_clean();

			if ( false !== strpos($phpinfo, $mod) )

				return true;


	return $default;



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