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Changes the current user by ID or name.Set $id to null and specify a name if you do not know a user’s ID.


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Sets the authentication cookies based User ID.The $remember parameter increases the time that the cookie will be kept. The default the cookie is kept without remembering is two days. When $remember is set, the cookies will be kept for 14 days or two weeks.


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Get salt to add to hashes to help prevent attacks.The secret key is located in two places: the database in case the secret key isn’t defined in the second place, which is in the wp-config.php file. If you are going to set the secret key, then you must do so in the wp-config.php file.


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Performs a safe (local) redirect, using wp_redirect().Checks whether the $location is using an allowed host, if it has an absolute path. A plugin can therefore set or remove allowed host(s) to or from the list.


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