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Moves a comment to the TrashIf trash is disabled, comment is permanently deleted.


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Call hooks for when a comment status transition occurs.Calls hooks for comment status transitions. If the new comment status is not the same as the previous comment status, then two hooks will be ran, the first is ‘transition_comment_status’ with new status, old status, and comment data. The next action called is ‘comment_OLDSTATUS_to_NEWSTATUS’ the NEWSTATUS is the $new_status parameter and the OLDSTATUS is $old_status parameter; it has the comment data.


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Sets the status of a comment.The ‘wp_set_comment_status’ action is called after the comment is handled and will only be called, if the comment status is either ‘hold’, ‘approve’, or ‘spam’. If the comment status is not in the list, then false is returned and if the status is ‘delete’, then the comment is deleted without calling the action.


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