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Get an array of ancestor IDs for a given object.


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Return a shortlink for a post, page, attachment, or blog.This function exists to provide a shortlink tag that all themes and plugins can target. A plugin must hook in to provide the actual shortlinks. Default shortlink support is limited to providing ?p= style links for posts. Plugins can short-circuit this function via the pre_get_shortlink filter or filter the output via the get_shortlink filter.


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Display archive links based on type and format.The ‘type’ argument offers a few choices and by default will display monthly archive links. The other options for values are ‘daily’, ‘weekly’, ‘monthly’, ‘yearly’, ‘postbypost’ or ‘alpha’. Both ‘postbypost’ and ‘alpha’ display the same archive link list, the difference between the two is that ‘alpha’ will order by post title and ‘postbypost’ will order by post date.


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