function akismet_check_server_connectivity() {}

Source code

function akismet_check_server_connectivity() {

	global $akismet_api_host, $akismet_api_port, $wpcom_api_key;


	$test_host = 'rest.akismet.com';


	// Some web hosts may disable one or both functions

	if ( !function_exists('fsockopen') || !function_exists('gethostbynamel') )

		return array();


	$ips = gethostbynamel($test_host);

	if ( !$ips || !is_array($ips) || !count($ips) )

		return array();


	$servers = array();

	foreach ( $ips as $ip ) {

		$response = akismet_verify_key( akismet_get_key(), $ip );

		// even if the key is invalid, at least we know we have connectivity

		if ( $response == 'valid' || $response == 'invalid' )

			$servers[$ip] = true;


			$servers[$ip] = false;


	return $servers;



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